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Transmission Very Slow and Laggy


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Hi I'm running Transmission on my server and have about 20 Torrents running but its very slow and laggy. The torrents size range from 10-30GB each, it takes about 2-5 minutes for the transmission interface to show once clicked, and takes forever to add torrents or pause or do anything. Also the speeds go to around 2mb/s max but should be up to 11mb/s. I checked in the top processes of unraid and it says transmission is using 10% cpu so that doesn't seems that high. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Hard to tell without more info.


Is the torrent data area directly on your protected array? (ie rather than on a cache drive or drive outside the array)


Transmission, compared to other torrent clients, has a very limited memory cache which means it hit's the disks quite hard even for small numbers of torrents / small throughput streams.


I notice it alot and I run it from my cache disk. It all but destroys throughput from the cache disk whilst it's busy.


If you're running directly off the array then it means every little write operation it does (and as these are not very buffered, they're not very optimised) will be hitting the additional io operations unraid needs to perform to update the parity.


Can you tell us what the iowait percentage in top is?


If the above sounds plausible - try moving transmission to an unprotected drive (cache drive, snap drive etc) and see if it gets any better. Or try another client.

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are you using the web interface or the client?


I have over 900 torrents active and i have it set up so the stuff i download is on the cache drive and then moved to the completed folder on the protected array


I lose connection only when big transfers occur as the files gets transfered to the protected disks - most of the time it's pretty quick using the client




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