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Need to replace a bigger drive with a smaller one .. [SOLVED]

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Hey all



I have been having constant errors with one of my 2 TB drives and now i want to get it out and return it which could take some time, so as not to leave my array unprotected i have put one of my old 1 TB drives in the array and copied all off the 2TB into other disks in the array. So it's empty and i now want to remove the 2TB drive and TRY not to lose my shares ... i have read this http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=9340.msg89092#msg89092 but my understanding i will lose my shares...


is there any way to replace a big with a small and not lose the shares ?

and is that link the current and only way to achieve it?




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performing the initconfig as mentioned in that thread won't remove your shares, but it will remove your parity protection (until it rebuilds it).  As long as your comfortable the rest of your drives are in good shape, you should be fine.


Side note - you don't have to replace that drive if you're going to do the initconfig.  You can just remove the erroring drive, run the initconfig and it will rebuild parity based on the drives that remain.  You could then add the replacement drive later.  If you don't need the additional space at this moment, that might be a better way to go.

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