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var directory on flash share


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I was working on setting up Twonky Server on my unraid.  The server is up and running, but I cannot find the var directory on my flash drive to copy the .ini file.



If you change the setup according to your requirements the second file is being adjusted - but in the directory /var/twonkymedia (..and this file is of course lost after a reboot...)


This is not a surprise at all. So I copied twonkymedia- server.ini back into the /boot/twonkymedia/ directory and was hoping that the server picks up the correct settings from here.


This assumption was wrong and I would like to understand what the issue is. I guess that this has more to do with my lack of Linux skills than with TwonkyMedia Server.


How do I access that directory to move the file.





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The .ini file can go wherever you like.


I have mine set up in a folder on my cache drive (so it is always there but does not risk wear / corruption of the flash).


I also have twonky set up to run from there and to keep its database there.  



In my case I set up the folder as folder is /mnt/cache/.twonkymedia


To run it I have this line in my go script on the flash stick in /boot/config


/mnt/cache/.twonkymedia/twonkymedia -inifile /mnt/cache/.twonkymedia/twonkymedia-server.ini


It's pretty easy to get it going I found.


Note that the dot at the start of the folder name on the cache drive prevents the mover process from moving folder to the protected array.


If you don't have a cache drive, you can use the flash if you like, but the folder does not need to be named /var/... 


The /var folder is in the RAM based filing system used by unRAID and everything in it forgotten when you power off or reboot. 




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The /var folder is in the RAM based filing system used by unRAID and everything in it forgotten when you power off or reboot. 



Thats what I was missing.  How can I access the RAM based filing system to copy the ini file that was created by twonky?





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Do you have access to a command line interface either locally at the unRAID machine of via Screen or Telnet or similar?


To get the file from /var/cache for example and to save it on the stick in a folder you've got you'd use something like


cp /var/cache/twonkymedia-server.ini /boot/twonkymedia


changing the specifics as needed.  But like I said above, it can be set up anywhere, and that is determined by the command used to start up Twonky.  I think it's in /var/cache/something by default, but it's ages since I looked at it like that.


If you keep a copy on your flash but want Twonky to have the working copy in /var/cache/, then before the command that starts up Twonky in the Go script you would want to copy the file from the flash stick out to the RAM filing system with something like


cp /boot/twonkymedia/twonkymedia-server.ini /var/cache


obviously tweaking the folder names as you need to suit your own choices.


I think that you can also put the copy to the flash into the powerdown script if you like, but I have never worried about doing that since I keep mine on the hard disk anyway.

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