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  1. Just a thought... If the SATA settings in BIOS were originally set to AHCI and reverted without user intervention, then it's just possible that the battery that keeps the BIOS settings CMOS RAM alive is in need of replacement. It's easy to forget, since they often last for very many years, but I have had a couple die on me in the past.
  2. S80_UK

    Power Supply Advice

    Unless the supply is faulty, that really should be fine. My main server has 12 drives, and runs very happily on a 520W supply (see my sig below). When very busy with the CPU fully loaded it draws about 150 - 200W from the mains supply. I have never seen over 300W even when all the drives spin up at once.
  3. I don't have the network card, but I was looking at one for a while, ended up using USB with MODBUS protocol. However, I found this thread that may help - looks like it can be made to work with the network card...
  4. S80_UK

    What UPS

    Off topic, but not AAA either (they are also single cell). Possibly MN21, MN23, MN27 - there are others too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A23_battery#/media/File:A23-open-closed.jpg
  5. S80_UK

    What UPS

    Good info, thanks. I just know them as 3/16 and 1/4 inch types. They were probably not AA - you would not get the correct voltage. AA are single cell. But the smaller cylindrical types used for some remote control devices (older car entry, garage door remotes, etc) are commonly 12 volts are are made of a series stack of cells. I've used Tayna 2 or 3 times, both for UPS and for other hobby stuff. Never had any problems.
  6. S80_UK

    What UPS

    Agreed - one affordable supplier - https://www.tayna.co.uk/ups-batteries/f/apc/rbc132/ - (I have only bought from them, no other connection.) Actually, I have used their site (and Google to find out APC equivalent batteries) and then I buy a decent brand (Yuasa, Lucas, or similar) of the same type. The only difference may sometimes be the size of the spade terminals on the batteries themselves, but that's easy to take care of with some spare connectors, decent thick wire and a crimp tool.
  7. That's my understanding - various news channels talk about the 16th June. Of course, the risk is always there if one becomes an early adopter, but I sense not too much risk in this case. In many respects the B550 seems like an updated B450/X470 rather than anything radical. I am currently just waiting to see what the prices are like; also for the manufacturers to publish their info, of course.
  8. If you can wait, you could consider that the first B550 based boards should start to trickle through from the middle of next month. Looking at the AMD chipset compatibilty roadmap, I might consider waiting until then for further future-proofing. https://www.amd.com/en/chipsets/b550 Note the dropping of support for next gen Zen 3 CPUs in the older chipsets. https://www.techspot.com/news/85144-amd-next-gen-zen-3-compatible-amd-b550.html Also, first details are out of a few of the boards based on the B550. The B550 also does not require that chipset fan, which would be a big turn-off for me. https://www.techpowerup.com/266760/assortment-of-five-amd-b550-premium-motherboards-pictured The Asrock B550 Taichi looks interesting since of those boards which were announced if offers a 8 SATA ports versus the 6 that the others have. I am sitting on the fence at the moment, not for my server, but for a possible update to my main PC.
  9. 'Prefer' will tend to keep files on the cache if possible. You should set to 'Yes' if you want the cache to be used, but files moved to the array by the mover. Click on the small 'question mark' icon (top right) of the web UI to bring up help info which explains this.
  10. @civic95man - Thanks. Great to hear that it worked for you, and thanks for the additional guidance for others that may also need to apply this update to their UPS.
  11. It's down to what version of firmware you currently have. If yours is recent, you will be OK to update, and you'll be able to select the MODBUS protocol which works just fine with complete reporting. See here for info on the supported firmware options... https://www.apc.com/us/en/faqs/content/?id=FA281865 Also here for some more background...
  12. Hi Ian, I shall leave a review presently, not a problem. In the meantime, I have also just sent a set of logs from the app (attached to email, sent from the app). Again, let me know if you need anything further. Thanks.
  13. Bought! (settings say version 1.9 (1) ) Thank you for this. This is a very nice effort, and I love the simplicity and clarity. I am not seeing motherboard and CPU temps for some reason, although they display fine in the web UI. I have Dynamix System Temperature already up and running (up to date), also running Unraid 6.8.3 currently. Drive temps report just fine on the Disks page, as do the UPS stats on the Dashboard. Let me know if you need any info. Thanks.
  14. Also a shout out for the longevity of the Lexar Firelfy USB drives. I have three of them; they were one of the recommendations from Limetech when I started out. Both my main and backup servers still use them (4GB, both 10 years old). I would not assume that you need a new drive if the old one still works fine, although as mentioned above, transferring the license to a new USB drive is much simpler these days.
  15. Is the USB stick completely dead? Have you tried checking the stick in a PC? (right click on the drive in Explorer, select Properties, Tools, Check...) If that failed. have you tried to reformat and reinstall of Unraid? Obviously you will also need the ".key" file that you had installed on that key. Do you have that, either in email, or perhaps in a backup? If you really need a new key for a new stick, then you'll need to contact Lime Technology directly, But I would then be asking the question, what was it that caused the stick to die. Many of us here have sticks that are 10 or more years old.