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  1. I would be very surprised if USB display adapters are generally supported by BIOS or by unRAID, since they often seem to have very specific drivers. One option that is PCIe x1 and full-height is this, but it's not cheap and perhaps it is overkill for your needs... https://www.asus.com/uk/Motherboards-Components/Graphics-Cards/All-series/GT710-4H-SL-2GD5/ https://www.ebuyer.com/982815-asus-geforce-gt-710-2gb-4-x-hdmi-graphics-card-gt710-4h-sl-2gd5 https://www.newegg.com/asus-geforce-gt-710-gt710-4h-sl-2gd5/p/N82E16814126433
  2. Just a hunch - could it be a fan failure warning? Either a slow fan, an fan not plugged in, or an incorrect BIOS setting for fan monitoring?
  3. You're welcome. I use this on both my servers to help keep an eye on things. It's especially helpful whenever I am moving / upgrading drives.
  4. The Disk Location plugin does this on the multi-disk summary display. It also displays the current temperature of each drive, regardless of whether they are spun up or not.
  5. Memory errors are probably the most likely cause of a file corruption. It could be that the file has been corrupted while being transferred, or it could be that another write to the disk has been written to the wrong place due to a memory error. Is there a possibility that your memory is being run at a higher speed than desirable? A long run of Memtest may show errors in such a case. Also, have you looked at the SMART data for your drives (via the Dashboard)? If in doubt, I suggest that you generate a set of Diagnostics (via the Tools page) and post that with your next message.
  6. I agree with @JorgeB - either that or the fact that I have been using H77 successfully for around 7 years in one of my servers is just an illusion...
  7. If you are using powerline modems to extend your network such as those from TP-Link, then the performance can be very dependent on the layout of the mains wiring. In the UK, this method of connecting a network often works quite well for connections between sockets on one floor of a house since they usually share a ring-main circuit. Performance between sockets on different floors is normally quite bad. In mainland Europe and the US, it is common to feed each socket separately from the breaker panel, and this makes it much harder for powerline to give a good performance. I am i
  8. I just wanted to check... Is this a VM under Unraid, or is this nothing to do with Unraid? If the latter, then this might not be the best place to get answers that are relevant to your use case.
  9. The OP asked if there was a need to kill power (not that he wanted to), and my argument is that it should always be possible for safety reasons. But I would also agree with you that using a smart switch is not the way to do this. It would add a significant point of failure, it would also potentially be difficult or impossible to operate in an emergency unless it also had a mechanical override.
  10. I would argue that for safety reasons you should always have access to the mains outlet or its power switch. There are potential failure scenarios in the UPS or in the server that make this highly desirable. Examples could be UPS battery faults, DC wiring faults around PC power distribution to disk drives (a known issue), accidents with liquids, failures in other equipment connected to the UPS, etc. For mains powered products sold in Europe that I worked in the recent past it was generally required that the user be advised in the product documentation that they must be able to access the ma
  11. As part of the above, I set shares that are almost never accessed to not be exported (so they are not accessible or visible on the local network). Then I configure shares for items such as media that are accessed frequently for reading but rarely for writing to be read only. For both of these I only modify the settings as needed of access or updates on a temporary basis. This prioritises security above convenience, but it minimises the time that a potential rogue device on the network could possibly have access. The only shares that I have enabled for writing are not used for critical data
  12. The UPS software in Unraid is based on apcupsd, and does not generally need Modbus enabled in order to operate correctly. All that Modbus offers is a much more detailed view on the parameters in the UPS relating to power usage, battery and so on. However, I note that your UPS includes what APC describe as "Basic UPS signalling" and I have seen reports that suggest their may be problems in making this work with the apcupsd software. I have not been able to find out what "Basic UPS signalling" really means, but I suspect it may be a very limited protocol, and perhaps only working with APCs o
  13. I understand that you would only buy your batteries locally, but there are probably some battery sellers in Sweden who can help you. I cannot advise about alternative UPS brands to be honest. I have only used APC due to the compatibility. Support for APC is already provided in Unraid and it is normally quite easy to configure. My recommendation would be to find a used APC UPS in Sweden that may need new batteries, but then you could find a local supplier for those. I have zero Swedish language skill, but will Google translate I was able to find this battery supplier, for example... https
  14. This is not generally true. You only pay such a high price if you buy batteries from the UPS manufacturer. For example, APC batteries for any APC UPS are normally very expensive. But you can generally buy the same batteries from a trusted battery brand much cheaper. (Examples would be Lucas or Yuasa batteries sold in the UK). Then you can buy the same capacity maybe for around 30% of the cost. Many UPS use 12V 7Ah or 12V 9Ah batteries - these are standard sizes from many manufacturers. Also many battery suppliers will list equivalent types for UPS batteries for APC and other UPS makes.
  15. I don't know how easy this is from the software point of view, but I agree, it would be a very welcome improvement in the behaviour of the user controlled spin down function.