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  1. Hi @itimpi - thank you for the update. Just let me know when you'd like me to test. BTW, I am retired, so free time is not an issue. But when I was working, one of my tasks was usability testing of embedded software. I have a reputation for breaking things that I need to maintain...
  2. Thanks for the pointers. While the check was running I had a parity.check.tuning.manual file, but it was of zero length and the date stamp of the file was the point at which I started the manual check. It has now gone, presumably since the check finished after I resumed it. I am attaching the parity.check.tuning.progress.save file for the check just completed. It was started at 00:56 this morning, paused automatically just after 09:00 and resumed manually just after 16:00 this afternoon. Also the other files in case they're useful.parity.check.tuning.cronparity.check.tuning.cfg
  3. Hello @itimpi, I have a minor update for you - some mixed results so far. A scheduled check with pause worked correctly. I love the detail in the final notification and email regarding average speed, etc. That's a nice addition. A manual check last night which should not have paused still did so, just after 9am this morning. I am now letting it complete, but I shall run it again and with some logging enabled this time. Please let me know if there are any specifics I should look out for. Just to be clear - I am not too concerned, but I just want to help you get thi
  4. This is probably unlikely, but did you ever enable Remote Desktop Connection or anything similar on that machine? That might include other remote control tools such as TeamViewer. They have legitimate uses, but only if you're in control of their use. You mentioned a power failure. Did that PC start up by itself afterwards? Another safe guard would be to check that PC's power settings in the BIOS. Unless you need it to power up automatically (if the PC was unused then it probably isn't) then I would set it to not power up when the AC power is applied. The behaviour on res
  5. Tom @limetech provided a link to the docs for this... https://wiki.unraid.net/Unraid_OS_6.9.0#SMART_handling_and_Storage_Threshold_Warnings There are changes to the way that drive specific data (such as SMART) are stored, and the utilisation thresholds are also affected by this.
  6. I have a couple of them although I have not yet gone with the front-loading approach - my 4 in 3 cages load from the inside. I just don't bother with the drive screws and use old business cards to wedge one side of the drives so they don't rattle around. It's just a shame they don't make this case anymore - it would still be pretty good for home server use.
  7. Updated main server OK last night, but on restart had I five notifications that each of my drives that was above my 85% utilisation of capacity threshold were now back at "Normal" utilisation along with the accompanying emails. Obviously this is not a critical issue - maybe a consequence of the fact that I don't use the default thresholds? Nonetheless, the update is much appreciated. Will look to update backup server shortly. Edit: Backup also updated. No spurious notifications, but that server is using default capacity thresholds.
  8. Meanwhile, back on topic... Thanks for this - I shall test accordingly and let you have my feedback in the coming days. I will start by uninstalling and clearing out any old files so that the new plug-in has a fresh start.
  9. A couple of comments if I may... This plugin does not do the scheduling that you describe - that scheduling is a standard function of Unraid, as is the automatically run parity check after any unclean shutdown. This plugin allows a standard check to be split into parts with controlled suspend and resume timings as needed to help limit the effects of system slowdown. If the automatic check after an unclean shutdown is an issue for you, you should perhaps ask Limetech about it, although I suspect they would be reluctant to make it possible to disable the check from starting under
  10. Two free tools spring to mind... One is Windows own Backup mechanism - you can configure it to back up to a mapped drive quite easily and to update the backup on a regular schedule. Just type Backup into the Windows search bar to get started. Another is to use the software called FreeFileSync which includes a utility called RealTimeSync which can be set to watch specific folders, and you can then use that to back up to a share. I have been using the manual version of FreeFileSync for some years - it's quite powerful, and allows some filtering to be applied to include / exclude particular
  11. Thanks for the latest update - from the change log it looks like there was a lot of work on that one. I don't use this plug-in that often, but when I do it's great to have a tool such as this that "just works". Much appreciated. Thank you.
  12. @Janus This is also why you have the "Minimum Free Space" setting for a share. It causes Unraid to write to another disk if the first does not have enough space for the file. It also looks at the disks allocated to a share (if set) and the allocation method to determine when to start writing to different disks.
  13. Ok, cool. I look forward to the next update - take your time. Thanks.
  14. Hi @itimpi So, last night I ran a manual check with the threshold temperatures set higher to avoid any temperature related pause. That worked up to the point where a pause would be expected for a scheduled check. At 08:00 the check was paused, even though this check was manual and no paused was expected. Currently it is paused at about 73%. I am attaching the files requested. Also attached is a diagnostics capture (just now). Please let me know if you need any more info. parity.check.tuning.cron parity.check.tuning.progress parity.check.tuning.scheduled parity.check.tuning.c
  15. Understood - I will grab what I can.