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  1. In the UK, I suspect any intervention may fall under the terms of the Computer Misuse Act. (I am not a lawyer, but I would prefer not to take my chances.)
  2. Not necesarilly true - Previously, "Basic" was the name given to the free license limited to three disks. That was before the current license tiers were introduced.
  3. You're welcome. As for thinking it through deeply or not... One beauty of Unraid is that you don't have to. Another is that for guys like me, I can do exactly that.
  4. Specifically, the contents of the parity drive are the results of a calculation based on the contents of the data drives. Everytime data is changed on a data drive, the parity drive is also immediately updated to include the effect of the new data on that calculation. So when you changed the format on the other drives, the parity drive's contents were already adjusted accordingly. In the event that Unraid needs to recover a drive after a failure, a similar calculation using the parity contents and all the other data drives allows the missing data to be recalculated, regardless of the format that was in use on the failed drive at the time. If you have trhe time, this is a good read... https://wiki.unraid.net/Parity
  5. Close to @kwiksilver above... My favorite part of Unraid is the simplicity or complexity of it, according to the needs of the user. And its stabilty. And the community. And the continued development (been a user since Feb 2011, three active licenses and a spare). I’d love to see server to server backup as a standard feature, locally or across the internet, perhaps taking advantage of the developing inclusion of Wireguard.
  6. Not true. Or at least, certainly not always the case. My main server system (see my sig) has a CPU with a maximum dissipation capability (what the manufacturers call TDP) of 95 watts. I also have 12 drives, 3 fans for drives, one on the CPU, one on the rear of the cabinet and one added for the Dell H310 host adaptor for the disks. This system sits at 54 watts with all drives spun down. It will hit 300 watts and up when all the drives spin up at the same time and when the CPU is busy, hence I have a 520 watt supply installed. If I had a more modern CPU and motherboard, with fewer, larger disks, etc, I could expect an idle power consumption of maybe around 40 watts or lower.
  7. Sorry - but the second sentence is not correct and is actually misleading. @trurl already put it very succinctly... To rewrite your original statement... However there’s enough data on the parity drive in conjunction with the data on all of the the other data drives which do not contain that file to recover that file if it got destroyed as part of a drive failure.
  8. No... It's still working for temperatures and fans for me. Hardware as my sig.
  9. The only conclusion I can reach is that you're doing something wrong, or your USB device is maybe cooking. Some USB 3.0 sticks run far hotter than needed. For the occasional access that Unraid requires, USB 2.0 is perfectly OK. Like many others on the forum, my sticks are years old (in use since early 2011 in my case) and no signs of issues.
  10. Other stuff to check.... Is the 5 volt supply within spec? The USB subsystem is one of the few things that uses the 5 volt supply rail on modern motherboards. If it is on the high side (especially above 5.5 volts) then USB devices may suffer. Why are so there many writes to the USB? Do you have something perhaps writing data files or log files to the USB drive? My server sits at a few tens of writes only most days. It won't help you, but the USB drive in my main server which is powered continually has been in use for almost nine years.
  11. Nice simple update from 6.8.0-rc9. My thanks to the Limetech team.
  12. I often have both my servers live but have never seen this issue. I also wonder whether the similarity in the naming may have been helping your browser to auto-fill the address. I use IP addresses to direct the broswer rather than the server names (and have them stored in bookmarks) and that helps to avoid the problem I also have one server set to the black display theme and the other set to white, just to help make sure I know what I am doing.
  13. S80_UK

    UPS Issues

    You appear to have nothing entered in the fields "Battery level to initiate shutdown" and "Runtime left to initiate shutdown". From the details dispay it seems that these fields have therefore got some random data in them. In particular the charge left to initiate shutdown seems to be at over 5400%, and therefore even a full battery (yours is at 100%) may not be enough to prevent an instant shutdown. Try setting the first parameter to 50% and the second to maybe 5 or 10 minutes. Also - a word of advice.... It is generally not recommended to unplug in order to test to test a UPS. Instead, just switch off the power at the socket. This keeps any earth connection intact. Also, for testing, before cutting the power I stop the array and ensure all drives are at least spun up. This means that if power to teh server then fails without a graceful shutdown, you won't later have to go through a lengthy parity check cycle.
  14. Personally, I am not affected (not using VMs here), but that sounds like a good way forwards.