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  1. mbc0

    [Plugin] CA Appdata Backup / Restore

    You are a star! Thank you so much!!
  2. mbc0

    [Plugin] CA Appdata Backup / Restore

    Hi, Can anyone see why I should get 2 backups within 45 mins of each other every 3 days please? I cannot work this out? I just want a backup every 3 days.
  3. mbc0

    [Support] telly - IPTV on Plex Live TV

    it is looking dead I am afraid. It was great until the code changed and looks like it has gone. I have been using xteve for about a month which does the same as telly and more I have never had an issue with it so give it a try!
  4. Hi @Hoopster Many thanks for such a detailed post, it is really appreciated! I have already tried rolling back the version and specifying the Network interface with no success but there are a few other suggestions in that thread I will try tomorrow! Many Thanks Again
  5. Can anyone else chime in with any suggestions please? I am not sure if this issue is fixable by adjusting a setting in Plex or unRAID as the two have worked together for quite a while before Plex started trying to use eth1 as well as eth0?
  6. Hi, I tried that by putting in the Gateway (pfSense Router) you can see that on my first post but I still had the same issue.
  7. I am wondering if I setup the Plex Docker to Custom br1 (10Gbe Card) is there any way I can get internet to that connection? Currently the 10Gbe Card is a single connection between my Desktop and unRAID server with no internet access. I cannot find a way to make it work in Bridge mode as I cannot find a way to port map? Thanks for all your help guys 🙂
  8. Hi, I tried bridge mode a few days ago but could find no way of mapping the ports?
  9. Hi, no it is not? cannot find interface rules but if you check my first post you can see screenshots of my network settings
  10. Right, I put the card back and first tried to let it generate its own IP (set it to Automatic) and the same Plex problems returned. I then tried setting the IP to None and then Plex reports no IP?? so it is relying on the card (when installed) even though the docker is in host mode. There must be a setting somewhere in Plex for this? Also, what is docker0?
  11. ok, I will install the card now and report back!
  12. Hi, I purely use the 10gb card eth1 to map drives for faster transfer to and from my Desktop PC I use standard 1GB LAN for the rest of the network Does that make sense?
  13. Thanks for this, if I do not assign an IP address how would I map drives to my PC to ensure they are using the card? currently I map network drives to my Desktop using // etc
  14. Hi, Thanks for the response, if I remove the appdata folder I would lose everything! I need to keep years and years of watched status and a custom library of Motorsport which has again taken years and years to organize (custom cover art etc) is there no other way? I have had the same issue whilst trying 3 different Plex Dockers. I am thinking the issue is more likely to be the network config in unRAID? (Hoping!!)
  15. Have restarted & updated the Plex Docker 4 times now and every time Plex is instantly back up and running! (this was taking over an hour each time and even then would be intermittant) so removing the card has 100% fixed the issue BUT as I said previously this card has been installed for a while now without issue, something must have changed (probably me!) that caused Plex to start seeing the other network?