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  1. Thanks Both, I never scanned any QR codes (Been away for months) I will contact support now.
  2. Hi, I have 2 unraid servers that I cannot connect to, I have seen the posts on how to enable MFA but cannot get into any account settings until I enter a code? where is this code?
  3. Hi, Can anyone point me in the right direction as to if it is possible to mount an unraid share on my vps server at all please? I do not have sudo so cannot install sshfs. TIA!
  4. Just to update, deleting the network.cfg file and rebooting has resolved my issues
  5. Hi, The 4port NIC is in my other unraid server (HP Microserver) which basically just runs Sophos XG Firewall, Home Assistand, etc very on resources, but that is why the routing table is not showing that. I have disabled the on-board NIC, re-installed the 10gbe card deleted the network.cfg file and let unraid recreate it on reboot and now everything "seems" to be working as expected! I have stopped/started the docker service 10+ times and all seems stable so will se how it goes for a few days, I hope this is the end of it!
  6. When I start my docker service, this is what the routing table changes to
  7. OK, another update! I have disabled all the containers, disabled the docker service and rebooted unraid, on reboot the network is working as expected but as soon as I enabled the docker service with no containers running at all the network problem above re-occured. I stopped the docker service again and everything is again working as expected so at least I now know the docker service is causing the issue, how would I go about resolving this? it there a problem with my routing table? (I really don't understand it)
  8. Ok, Woke this morning to see it has happened again and it appears it is triggered by cabackup (probably just where it is stopping and starting dockers) I have Sophos XG Home running on a 3rd Unraid Server with a 4 port NIC which is setup to these ip ranges (This has been my setup for years) 192.168.0.* - Local LAN 192.168.1.* - Local WiFi 192.168.8.* - 5G Router I am able to use & ping all these ranges from all devices and all 3 unraid servers until this error occurs. When this issue occurs I am unable to ping the outside world and any other ip addresses that are 192.168.1.* & 192.168.8.* as the destination is unreachable ONLY 192.168.0.* will continue to work. I can even still ping which is my Sophos installation for DSL Broadband but still have no internet access. When this error occurs, all other Unraid servers & devices can see each other and have zero problems. I currently have the issue as I type this and have stopped all containers but left the docker service running and the problem still exists. As soon as I disable the docker service the networks are available again and I can ping everything as expected! I cannot see anything to help me in the diags, really would appreciate some help here 🙂 Thank you
  9. Last night I removed my 10gbe card from the server and now just using the on-board 100mb just in case it is causing these problems, I cannot see anything useful in the diags unfortunately, hoping someone might see something when they get a chance 🙂
  10. Hi, I am having this weird situation every few days where my dockers and unraid lose internet connection and some dockers are losing connections (Agent DVR loses contact with 4 of my 6 cameras) Plex loses connection to the internet etc. Unraid console is unable to ping most of my lan or the internet. I have noticed that all 21 disks are spun up all the time when this happens, the auto spin down stops working. If I stop my docker service I am then able to ping the internet and the cameras that were unavailable whilst the docker service was running and then start the docker service and everything is back up and running as normal. I have attached my diags and could really do with some guidance please! unraid1-diagnostics-20230608-2122.zip unraid1-diagnostics-20230608-2122.zip
  11. I hope it gets updated, I use it every day!
  12. @Squid I can confirm just by stopping and starting the array everything is now working rather than a full reboot. I imagine that if I had stopped and started the docker engine I would have had the same result? I have been putting up with this for a good 6 months+ but thought I would ask about it today, any ideas?
  13. @Squid Leaving Sab running I can restart Radarr, Sonarr, Lidarr and still none of them can connect to Sab, the only way I have found to get them communicating again is to reboot the server for a 2nd time.
  14. If I restart Radarr and Sabnzbd I still have the communication problem, the only way I have found to resolve is to reboot again.