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  1. Hi! I noticed my phone was not uploading photos to my nextcloud and cut a long story short I could not access the server due to an internal error. I noticed that the config.php was refreshed (standard looking) so restored my config.php from a backup and now I am stuck at the update screen every time I boot? I cannot find a way get into my server without being presented with the update screen to 22.1.1? Nextcloud will be updated to version 22.1.1 The following apps will be updated: All I have is a start update button, there is no cancel or anything I can do to get out of this loop? Can anyone help please? Thank you
  2. Many thanks for this, I will try it tonight 🙂
  3. Hi, My current config has not changed in well over a year, certainly nothing to do with my shares anyway. I have noticed my 2TB NVME Cache Pool every morning is hovering around 1GB used after the mover runs and after some investigation I have found hundreds of gigabytes of files that should be on the array that are still on the cache and have been so for months. Manually running the mover still does not move these files so I am asking if anyone can point me in the right direction to look for a reason why? which log can I check to try and find the problem? Any advice greatfully received. Many thanks
  4. Thank you, I will do this tonight 🙂
  5. Responses in red, many thanks for your time 🙂
  6. unraid1-diagnostics-20210403-0855.zip
  7. Hi, I am getting out of memory errors being reported so have attached my diags, if someone could help that would be great! I am not seeing anything untoward though?
  8. Hi, I have today just hit this problem as well but I do not use privoxy for this docker as I use custom br0 It has been like this forever but today lidarr, sonarr & radarr all refuse to connect to sabnzbd? anyone else had this issue outside of privoxy?
  9. Hi, I have no simple way, the only way I know is to let tdarr loose on my library. It runs 24/7 and can lose my shares once every 2-3 days or like yesterday 3 times in 1 day. Would it be useful to you for my diags before each reboot when it happens? I do not understand stale NFS file handles to answer your question I am afraid.
  10. Hi, just wondering if there was any news/update on this? I know what docker is causing the problem for me (tdarr) but I am the only user affected with this issue so the tdarr devs cannot help.
  11. Hi @binhex I posted on the wrong thread the other day, reposting on this, the correct thread as didn't want you to think I was ungrateful! I have managed to get all my containers talking to each other in your container now and can now access all my containers WebUI's and they are all talking to each other. The answers were there in your guide & Q&A I just needed some help understanding a few things. Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for your work, time and patience, it is HUGELY appreciated!
  12. Hi @binhex I have managed to get all my containers talking to each other in your container now (Q26) and can now access all my containers WebUI's and they are all talking to each other. Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for your work, time and patience, it is HUGELY appreciated!
  13. I am sorry but what do you mean by index site? if you mean the torznab feed address I have updated all those, the only difference is the IP has changed from to Nothing has been changed in jackett or radarr (other than the torznab feeds mentioned above) radarr has proxy disabled.
  14. Unless I just use a different vpn without such tight restrictions for xteve?
  15. Ok, I have had to read that a few times to try and understand (sorry) From what I understand for radarr etc to talk to jackett I would have to include them in the vpn network, I would then have to move my SABNZBD as well. My other main reason for using the vpn network is for xteve but for xteve to talk to emby I would then also have to move emby inside as well which would possibly lead to speed issues as the vpn is much slower. Have I understood that correctly?
  16. I already tried restarting the container (restarted all of them after making changes to privoxy) I have also noticed that radarr lidarr sonarr etc cannot connect to the new IP for jackett and presume this is why emby cannot connect to xteve (which is what started all this) do all containers have to be part of the privoxy cotainer to talk to each other now? This is the end of the Deluge log if it is any help? 2021-03-01 12:47:30,143 DEBG 'deluge-script' stdout output: [info] Starting Deluge Web UI... 2021-03-01 12:47:31,144 DEBG fd 8 closed, stopped monitoring <POutputDispatcher at 23226430477216 for <Subprocess at 23226430858864 with name deluge-script in state RUNNING> (stdout)> 2021-03-01 12:47:31,144 DEBG fd 10 closed, stopped monitoring <POutputDispatcher at 23226430857376 for <Subprocess at 23226430858864 with name deluge-script in state RUNNING> (stderr)> 2021-03-01 12:47:31,145 INFO exited: deluge-script (exit status 0; expected) 2021-03-01 12:47:31,145 DEBG received SIGCHLD indicating a child quit
  17. Ok! In Business! (mostly) I now have a complete reversal as I can access the gui on the other 3 dockers except Deluge! The container port was blank in each port selection for the 4 containers I want to pass through, only the container port was specified! I still only see "Container Port:" though and not "Container Port: 9117" etc so all working except Deluge! weird how that was the one container that worked through all of these issues for me and now is the only one that doesn't? Thanks again for your time, I really appreciate your patience.
  18. Hi, I did try this yesterday but still couldn't access the webui so put everything back to how it used to be but have tried again now what you have suggested (thank you) To simplify things I am only try to work with jackett I have tried deleting the port number in the container and removing the port parameter completely from the template neither of which are working for me. I also see that unraid shows :9117/TCP - :9117 is that right?
  19. Hi mate, thank you! I think this is where I have got mixed up, I presumed this container did one thing which was pass containers of my choice through a VPN, I do not know what privoxy is!! so yes is the answer The containers I want to pass through are xteve deemix deluge jackett
  20. Thanks Very Much, I REALLY appreciate that!
  21. OK, so I have removed and started fresh I notice that the new template does not have Container Port options only the additional ports I know you said that I need to enter the same ports in additional ports as well as one for each container I want to pass through but using just additional ports I have found that deluge webui is still working and still none of the others. Is there any kind of log or info I can give you to help me get running please? I have read all through the guide and can see nothing wrong. I have just added the 2 pull-filter lines in the ovpn file which I have never done before and was disappointed it didn't work 😞 client dev tun proto udp remote nl-amsterdam.privacy.network 1198 resolv-retry infinite nobind persist-key cipher aes-128-cbc auth sha1 tls-client remote-cert-tls server pull-filter ignore "route-ipv6" pull-filter ignore "ifconfig-ipv6"
  22. Could my problem be using the old template? Maybe I should delete the docker and start from scratch? Still only Deluge Working (Port 8112)