Please enter the code from my TOTP device?


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You would have (should have) scanned a QR code when you enabled TOTP on your phone via something akin to Google Authenticator.  To get the appropriate code to enter you simply go back into Google Authenticator.


If you never scanned the QR code, then you need to contact support to disable TOTP / MFA and then you'll have access and be able to set it up again.

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The terminology could be clearer... 1st time I ever encountered the term "TOTP" being used for MFA... If it would have said say "Multi factor authentication is enabled. Please enter....." I would have been much clearer... I honestly forgot I set up MFA and needed googles help for what does "TOTP" mean... Glad I wasn't the 1st one and it pointed me to this thread.

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