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Questions about Running unRAID as a VM and Other Features

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Hello unRAID Pre-sales Support Team,

I have a few additional questions regarding the capabilities and compatibility of unRAID:

  1. Running unRAID as a VM: I currently have a Proxmox setup and am considering running unRAID as a VM within it. My plan is to use PCI passthrough for my SAS controller. The primary reason for this approach is to minimize hardware requirements, space, and electricity consumption. My current storage consists mostly of pictures (around 4TB of RAW images) and some business files. For reference, I'm currently using a Windows Server 2012 as my file server. Is it feasible to run unRAID in such a configuration?
  2. Backup with iDrive: I regularly back up most of my files to iDrive. Is there an option or a recommended method to integrate iDrive with unRAID for backups?
  3. Hosting VMs and iSCSI: I'm considering allocating a portion of my disk space to host VMs for testing and lab work, with approximately 80% of these VMs being non-mission critical. I'm currently using Proxmox as my hypervisor and would like to attach the disk space from unRAID to Proxmox using iSCSI. Is this configuration possible with unRAID?
  4. Active Directory Integration: Another important aspect for me is the integration with Active Directory. I'd like to know if it's possible to connect unRAID to an Active Directory and inherit user permissions for file shares directly from AD. This would greatly simplify user management and access control for me. Can you provide information on this capabilitys?

Your insights on these matters would be invaluable as I finalize my decision on the setup. I appreciate your time and assistance.

Best regards,

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I'm using unraid in the exact way you are planning in point 1. So I can say that it is absolutely reliable to run unraid in this configuration. On the long run I want to switch over to unraid completely because I want to get off this extra layer. But at the moment VM snapshotting in proxmox is far better so I'll have to wait 🙂

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