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Unraid OS Cannot Access Flash Boot Device/No Flash/Blacklisted

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I just got a popup on my server that there's an issue with my usb device. I've attached an image that shows the popup. It switches back and forth between no device and blacklisted every few minutes. Every once and while it will switch back to recognizing the flash drive and it looks fine again. I've tried downloading diagnostics, but it is not letting me. I'm guessing my usb drive failed. In the past I've had issues with the flash drive getting excessive writes, but I never really got a response on it: 





no device.PNG

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I've actually had some issues with unraid crashing on the newer versions lately, and I saw this error message at the top today also.   A reboot did fix it but am wondering if the flash drive is starting to fail or its an OS issue. . Debating just replacing the flash drive with a newer one anyways since it's probably a good idea.

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