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my hardware advice for you


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Don't do passthrough, it is just a pain and not worth the hassle, maybe unless you have enough video cards for passthrough and for a head for the box (if no onboard).  Although building a streaming gameserver was kind of fun...


Only use a mobo with onboard video.  So annoying when you have one GPU doing passthrough and no other way to debug things when it won't boot.


Even though a mobo supports 8 hard drives, good luck getting the wiring to reach and still be able to put the case covers on.  Or at least put them all in at the beginning.  Or at least run all the wiring in the beginning if you might add disk later.  Adding wiring later on is a huge pain.


Don't use NVME ssd.  They get super hot, don't live long, and they are hard to access once the machine is built.  You want to completely take the machine apart to change a disk?


These are just my opinions from my experience.  If you disagree do whatever you want.  :)

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