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"Accidentally" removed my cache pool. Any way to add them back without losing anything?

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I recently migrated my Unraid setup to a new case. I moved all but my 2 SSDs (cache drives) over and tried to boot. I then started the array after checking the box to remove my cache pool because I'm an idiot who didn't realize this would clobber all of my Docker containers. I now have my SSDs hooked up. Is there any way to add them back and have things work like I never removed them?


Thanks a lot in advance!

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Yes there is.


• First, stop your current array

• Go to settings > docker and disable

• Go to settings > VM Manager and disable

• Add your old cache drives to the array as they were

• start the array


IMPORTANT: do not enable dockers and VMs yet


• Go to the array with a decent file manager (I rather recommend Midnight Commander, aka mc from the command line, but it's up to you) and delete the newly-created appdata and other folders which will have been created on the array as there was no cache


• Once this is done, you can enable dockers and Vms, but make sure you select the advanced settings and point to the files which should now be back on your cache drive


I hope I made things clear enough. Let me know if not

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4 minutes ago, JorgeB said:

If you have already started the array without them you can add them back and it will import any existing pool, just confirm that no "all data on this device will be deleted" warning shows after re-assigning them.


I'm pretty sure it was not just about the drive but retrieving the whole config as it was before, including docker configs, etc. Adding the drives only will not retrive that

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2 minutes ago, denishay said:

Agreed, but starting the array without the old cache will "force" unraid to create those folders where available

Correct, but reinstalling the cache will make Unraid reuse the old folders, since pools take precedence over the array, though after all is back it would be good to delete those duplicate folders.

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