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Unraid to Unraid SMB Share Issue after 7 Days


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I have 3 Unraid servers, all fully up to date with Stable release channel and all assocaited dockers and plugins also upt to date.


I have an unassigned device (a single SSD) on Server 1, which is shared and then connected to via an auto-mount SMB Mount on both of the other 2 Unraid servers. Everything has worked fine for the last year or more, until the last maybe 6 or 8 weeks.


Now, consistently after 7 days (it happens somewhere on the 8th day, not precisely as the 7th day ticks over), the two "slave" Unraid Servers can no longer access the SMB share on the 1st - however it's weirder than simply not working.


The link still works in the Dashboard of the 2 servers, but it doesn't take me to the correct location. Clicking on the link in dashboard says it is taking me to "Index of /mnt/remotes/SHARENAME" but that is not at all the folders that it is then displaying. It is instead showing me the local filesystem for the server in question (2 or 3) i.e. i can access, and click through, bin, dev, etc, mnt and so on, all of which shows the correct content for the local device.


The share itself on server 1 still works, whatever the problem is occurs on the other 2 simultaneously. I know this as I can access the share itself just fine from any other machine on the network (windows and linux), and my resolution involves forcibly rebooting both slave Unraid servers - no need to touch the master if that makes sense).


And I say "forcably" rebooting, as it is more often than not, not a simple task. The shutdown and/or reboot icons normally used from the dashboard almost always do nothing in this scenario. I occaisionally have success by using the "powerdown -r" command from terminal, but that is also unreliable. Sometimes I'm forced to actually cut the power to the server in order to get it to restart and then resolve the issue for another 7 days.


It's driving me mad, and no doubt not doing my array much good having to keep being shutdown like this.


Any advice would be most appreciated!



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