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Scheduled spin-up?


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Sorry, I know this has been asked before, but in my defence, it was asked many years ago.


By having said that, I do know this can be done through userscript. But I don't prefer installing userscripts, because they feel like going outside the scope of the system you're applying them to. Kind of like applying user script/styles to a website - it may break at any future update.


So here's hoping Unraid now supports this option natively. I just want to add a schedule where I set up on which time of which days the disks are required to be spun up.


The flip side could be to just never spin them down. And sure, some drives are designed to do that, but I'm not sure that mine are. Sure they are enterprisey-like drives, but that doesn't mean they are designed for 24/7 spinning, and even then, that still doesn't mean spin cycles are actually bad. And besides, I like to save power where I reasonably can, because I kind of like this planet 😊


Anyway, I digress. If this feature exists, where is it please? If it doesn't exist, pretty please to add it? 🙏🏻

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2 hours ago, thany said:

Okay, like I said, can this be added?

Unlikely to ever be baked into OS.


To do it on your own would require exporting existing crontab, editing that to include you new spinup job, editing the GO script to import the edited crontab at boot, and of course a script to manage the actual spinups.  Honestly, user scripts is easier.

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That feels like something that I would have to put in somewhere deep into the OS somehow, which then does its job. But if I ever need to touch it for whatever reason, I'm going to have the greatest difficulty finding where it got buried again.


So basically the answer is "no it's impossible, unless you like to hack it in" which means if it ever stops working (or starts working too well), I'm on my own. I would rather stick with supported features, which is why it would be nice to be able to use the "scheduler" for more than just the mover, and have the option to make it do a selection of action at certain intervals. Basically, make the scheduler more configurable and do more stuff. Then it's also (more) visible just in the web UI, so it's not buried somewhere in some script or config file that I won't know about anymore after a week.


It's okay though. And thanks for the reply, but no thanks :)

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