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[SOLVED - GREMLINS IN THE MACHINE] usb flash problem, parity invalid.. sigh


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beta 11


So I stopped the array today, rebooted and then started the array.  

The flash was showing this


flash  [browse /boot (flash device)] Voyager - 591.77 EB 3.92 GB 578146269403831392 3216764820


So very weird... and then I noticed it said parity invalid also?

Then I noticed onlu some shares had loaded..

Then I noticed when I tried to access the flash via smb it was blank....


It was a new corsair voyager, doubt there is a fault with it, been working fine for 2 weeks..  

Anyone know why this happens?


I am not sure what to do, I guess I remove the flash and leave unraid running, see if I can copy everything to the flash again.. then restart unraid I guess..

Sucks having to rely on flash and guid's... heh



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Ok so I ripped the card out of the machine and plugged it into my windows machine, all files seem perfect..

So I put it back in the unraid machine and telnet into the unraid machine, going to /boot shows no files at all...


I then decide to take a gamble and reboot..

Then it starts up normal as if nothing had ever happened...


put it down to gremlins?

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