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  1. Weird. I would guess a faulty drive, yes. Probably get away with RMA'ing if it is still in warranty.
  2. Something definitely wrong. Would be hot to touch if it was really that hot. If you click the disk what does it report the temperature as under attributes?
  3. Seagate or Toshiba are the only alternatives if you want specialised NAS drives. Personally I buy Toshiba or Seagate NAS / enterprise drives, whichever I can get cheaper. WD RED are 10-20% more expensive for the same product so I haven't bought one of those for quite a long time now.
  4. Still waiting for someone to show this in stock in the UK. Zzzzz
  5. Also waiting for 2176G's to come into stock so I can upgrade my Plex server...... haven't bought a motherboard yet but it will likely be the same one you bought....... On a side note I still have a HP Workstation with Dual Xeon 2800's and RDRAM (RAMBUS) memory in the attic :)
  6. Yes the H310's are what I migrated too, there is a good guide to flash them here on the forums, I had to flash 4 of them but didn't have any trouble. My main driver for buying that model was the price.... but I'm a tight bastard and don't mind using 2nd hand stuff. :) As I said, I used AOC-SASLP-MV8's for years without any issues.
  7. I have used these controllers for many years in unRAID without any issues. Recently I removed them to get extra performance but ymmv. You can get H310's fairly cheap on eBay in my region (UK) but you have to flash those so maybe not what you are looking for.
  8. Another thing to consider is Intel have now released a new generation of E3 Xeons. Scratch that, I see you already bought a motherboard.
  9. Hardware raid of some sort? I'm not a fan of BTRFS either although I have managed to recover things after failures.
  10. If you don't mind 2nd hand you can get HP ones very cheap on eBay. (Edit: No idea if they aren't compatible with unRAID but likely they are!)
  11. Fibre, yes. DAC will depend on whether the card is compatible.
  12. OM4 should work too, I think you can get slightly better range out of OM4.
  13. Google suggests Mellanox cards aren't fussy so those Cisco ones should work..... but I only personally have experience with Cisco stuff in Cisco network gear so ymmv You will need 850nm OM3 Multimode fibre for the SFP-10G-SR.