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Request for "xone" + "xpadneo" driver Plugin. A kernel driver for Xbox One/Series X|S accessories


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Hi all,


I speak for many of us when I say we don't all have the resources for multiple GPU setups split between gaming VMs and containers. Many of us have turned to solutions like steam-headless (Debian based), steamOS and other native Linux containers to get the job done while retaining GPU use for other needs.


These containers have fantastic support for Sunshine/Moonlight or Steam Link game streaming for remote play, which all provide some level of remote/virtual gamepad drivers, however unlike a Windows VM, they sadly lack the main key feature when playing locally: Local Gamepad Support.


xone is a Linux kernel driver for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S accessories that serves as a modern replacement for xpad, aiming to be compatible with Microsoft's Game Input Protocol (GIP).


Essentially, xone would give kernel support for the following when passed through to a container:

The Xbox Wireless Adapter

All Wireless Acessories

All Wired Accessories

All Accessories via Bluetooth (xpadneo)


There is full support for:


Input and force feedback (rumble)

Battery reporting (UPower integration)

 LED control (using /sys/class/leds)

Audio capture/playback (through ALSA)

Power management (suspend/resume and remote/wireless wakeup)


This would further open up unRAID's use cases in the gaming world and bring the same gaming VM goals far closer to a greater variety of rigs, budgets, and mixed-use setups. It also has other applications beyond gaming such as better control of home media apps with the chatpad attachment etc where supported.


Repos can be found here:





Thank you and I appreciate your consideration.

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