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exporting a whole disk 5.0beta12a


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So in the previous version of unraid I was using 4.5.1, I would export a whole disk and when a mac connected to it, it viewed the whole disk.  Then I would set time machine to backup to the disk and it worked well.  Now I have upgraded to 5.0beta12a and I want to do the same thing as on 4.5.1.  Is there a way to export the whole disk so that any mac can use it for files or TM or whatever, kindof like an external USB drive.


Also on 4.5.1 I could have SMB sharing the same disk as AFP.  But I have been told this doesn't work anymore. 




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Got it working.  Edited the default AppleVolumes.default- file and added /mnt/user as a share.  Its working fine so far.

Did you have 4.x working with the AFP setup as explained here?



I just recently upgraded as well, but completely commented out my previous AFP settings based on the above link, as 5.x has AFP built-in and I didn't want two different AFP implementations running at the same time.


I'm still playing with it and trying to make it run as smoothly as possible, now that I can use user shares for the first time...



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