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EncFS and Parity


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I’ve been playing around with EncFS on my unraid box and so far it all seems to have gone well. 

I can let unraid start up mount all the disks then run my EncFS mount using telnet/expect from my Apple (just so I don’t keep the EncFS keys on the Unraid box).


My question however is how does loading up an EncFS directory work with the parity disk, as before mounting an EncFS directpry the disk would have two directories say Video (unencrypted, with no data) and .Video (encrypted, with data). After the mount Video would now show as having all the files.


So would the parity disk try to try to update every time I mount/unmount the EncFS drive, if it does it will never be up to date and cover the disks?


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No, encfs uses the fuse filesystem layer (the same as user shares) so what is presented to you is a virtual filesystem with the unencrypted files.


This file system (in your case Video) doesn't really exist as far as unraids concerned so has no impact on parity at all.


When you write or update a file to this unencrypted virtual filesystem encfs maps it back through to the real filesystem (.Video in your case, encrypting along the way) and as the real filesystem is something unraid knows about parity is updated.


In short - don't worry, so long as your encrypted files (.Video in your example) are on the parity protected array everything will be fine. Unraid deals only with physical disks wrt parity.

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