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have htpc shutdown/power up unraid


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I have decided to use unraid only for my xbmc and will setup a low energy atom board for all my downloading and stuff then transfer it over to unraid as needed. So I would like to have htpc start up my unraid server then shut it down once I turn off my htpc. They problems I can see is that it takes time for unraid to boot up (I can work with this,popcorn anyone) and was thinking of if possible do a parity check then shut down. That way every time I boot up again it should be already to go, for the most part.


any idea how to set this up?

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Having your HTPC power on your unRAID machine is probably not a problem.


Have a look into Wake On Lan (or WOL). Here is a wikipedia link. Assuming your motherboard supports Wake On LAN you should be able to enable it in your BIOS. From your client machine (the HTPC) you need to use a bit of software, or write a script, to wake up the unRAID box.


The secret is a "magic packet". You'll need to know the mac address of your unRAID machine - unRAID's webui will actually give you that. Then you set up whichever solution you're going for on the HTPC side of things, and make sure it runs when the HTPC starts up.


Which OS are you using for your HTPC? Will be easier to recommend a solution.


Shutting down unRAID remotely isn't something I've ever done. I believe there's a script for powering it down, which you could trigger remotely. I'm sure it's been discussed here.


As for running a parity check before every shutdown - that'll take a long time, and if you haven't written anything to the array (e.g. you've just been streaming from it) it'll be a bit of a waste of time running it every time you shut down the box. That's my personal feeling anyway.

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