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  1. found this the other day starting to wonder if running 2 unraid servers on one board might be a good idea
  2. is it possible to run multiple instances of couchpotato? example is one for 720p movies and one for full blu-ray
  3. very often plex looses connection to my server. As a result I can't watch stuff over the internet. I have the port forwarded and can't figure out why. When I do log back on and click check port it works again.
  4. Using t he latest beta I have installed some plugins. Couch, sickbeard to name a few. After sometime it crashes causing me to reinstall it and setup again. I have is installed in my cache drive /mnt/cache/apps/couch this happens with everything
  5. intertan

    plex talk

    sometime soon I want to build a second unraid server that will be my main media server. I am gonna build it kind of beefy as I want to use it for plex and other stuff. Talking about plex I have family who I want to share my stuff with using plex 4-5 people. any more and it will interfere with my internet speed. I noticed that the plex plugin uses the ram to help with trans coding. I don't know the full understanding but something with plex trans codes to the ram then out to the devices. I think I am thinking of something to include in the case to help with this So far I am wondering if a dual xeon setup would work, and if I just load it up with ram. Or I have a dedicated drive to help, some time ago I saw a disk that uses ram as storage, every time the computer turns off the files are gone but in this case who cares. what are your thoughts?
  6. Right now I have unraid running stable and all is good. I have a new job that takes me out of town a fair amount so I need to run plex so I can keep up to date on my tv shows. My current set up is as follows 1 unraid machine i3 2100t 1 i5 that is my main pc and plex server. I have 2 thoughts 1 is build a machine to have both unraid and a plex serve rplus all the nzb/torrents stuff Or have the plex in a separate machine My bandwidth situation I am on dsl at the moment, They say my isp will be upgrading my area this year to fiber, I will be getting the maximum connection at 60Mbps upload. Not only will I trans code to my self, but my parents and sister, I am gonna divvy it up so plex uses no more than 40Mbps of my upload bandwidth. there abouts. I am looking at xen but haven't spent much time reading up on it. I would like to have unraid run and a separate plex and nzb stuff as in the past I have had issues running the other stuff as well as unraid. Hardware I am mainly wondering if running a xeon processor is any better than say a i7, and is more cores better or more speed per core? what about dual socket? can plex utilize both sockets? I may use this to run other stuff so I want it to be a little beffy
  7. This isn't unraid specific but it is related I am looking for the following Remember back in the floppy days? Were you took the disk and inserted it into the drive, once you were done you pressed the button and out it came. I am looking for something similar. Except for hard drives, both regular and laptop. Can be 2 separate units. I not looking for something I screw onto the drive then insert that in to the bay.
  8. Think I will wait till I purchase these drives.
  9. need some help it is somewhat related. Windows 8 machine using vmplayer to run tretflix I have a external usb drive D: and want to use this drive for tretflix. I have shared it using vmware but I am having trouble figuring out how to mount it and get the aps to see it. it is drive d: and named it usenet
  10. I am more curious if it can be done. also thinking about saving space but realize now that I wont. I will probably just use my current setup as the 2nd unraid and have the primary on the esxi machine. still I would like to be able to view the virtuaal machines on my tablet.
  11. sometime in the next 2 years I would like to have unraid on a virtual machine. I also plan on putting more on this machine as well. Here is what I want to do 1. Primary unraid 2. secondary unraid, still looking if it is worth it or a complete separate machine. 3. virtual machine to only run downloads. Sab,sick,couch,torrent ect 4. Plex media server, May be on the machine above. Probably 5. General pc now this is still in the planning stage but nothing will happen till I at least get fiber to my place. Regarding the virtual machines, I don't have any laptops but I do have tablets. Android at the moment, is there an app that I can view the machines? Like #5.
  12. all right think I am sold. I do need more ran and a different cpu. Right now I got a low end i3 and looking at plex and trans coding I probably should get a higher end xeon. Plus more ram. I am also waiting till the 5tb reds come out. I will buy 3 of them assuming they are a decent price and transfer all my stuff to external drives then completely rebuild unraid from new.
  13. all right I think you convinced me I run sab,sick,plex,couch(trying to figure out how to run multiple copies) to name a few. I have been running into some stability issues as of late. not unraid itself just the plugins. I will look into it during Christmas as I get some time to relax
  14. why are people doing this? My current board can handle this provided I upgrade my cpu and add more ram. I am planning on purchasing some more drives next year and a few other stuff to finally finish off my build. Maybe debating on doing this route if people can convince me.
  15. guess i should mention, norco 4024 case