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Became unresponsive - no previous logs to check


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This is my second problem with a similar result, but this time it happened during a simple Windows XP file copy, the result is basically the same as in my last post:



I was copying a directory of mostly photos, about 40GB.  After awhile I went to check and copy had failed, urnaid server was then unresponsive but not totally crashed.  I could attempt to connect to the webserver but pages will never load, also attempt to telnet but I'd only get to the "connected... escape character.." prompts.  With no other choice I forced it to power off with the power switch, and started it up again.  Problem this time is I don't have any previous logs, the syslog file simply starts when I rebooted.  I found nothing old in /var/log, are there previous logs stored elsewhere?


My first problem, the one in my previous post I noted above, was perhaps somewhat of a uncommon case with using FileZilla and 3 transfers writing to the array, which was worked around by dropping to 2 transfers.  This time however it's a completely normal and possibly very common case that really shouldn't crash the server.  So the question is becoming, not necessarily how to fix these but more should I give up on this?  I basically thought that given some exceptions unraid was pretty widely compatible with hardware and a good semi-DIY setup.  Am I wrong to expect reliability on my own hardware?  Is unraid really not so reliable unless you buy a pre-built box?


Please note I am not complaining, trying to insult, I merely would like some honest opinions so I don't keep working on this box and having even basic use cause crashes, thinking I can maybe do something about it when I cannot.  I realize I could build a new system based on the exact recommended hardware, but for me that would be going too far cost-wise.  I built my box with mostly existing hardware, only bought the recommended case and cages to support a lot of drives as I had planned to run this server for some time, adding drives as needed.

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