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Help installing new hard drives


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I currently have the array stopped.  I assigned the new HDDs in Unraid without apparent problems.  I see in Unraid that the new HDDs have a blue dot beside them (all the rest are green). 


The command area states that the array is stopped and that two new HDDs have been found.  This is the option that seems to be available:


Start will record the new disk information and bring the expanded array on-line. All new disks which have not been factory-erased will be cleared first; and, the array will be available after the clear completes. This process takes time, but the array remains protected at all times. Caution: any data on the new disk(s) will be erased! If you want to preserve the data on the new disk(s), reset the array configuration and rebuild parity instead.



Should I start the array?


The instructions I have printed in front of me state that at this stage of the process the drives should appear as "unformatted" and that I should select the format button?  This is why I'm a little bit confused, because I do not see a format button?


Any advice appreciated. 


Thanks  Jason 





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To preserve parity information prior to a disk being added to the array it must be completely cleared (zeros written to the entire disk) so it does not change the parity calculation. This can be done prior to adding it to the array using Joe L's preclear_disk.sh script or by letting unRAID perform the function (this can take unRAID up to 4-12 hours depending on the size of the disk to be added - unRAID is off line during the clearing process). After the disk has been cleared, then it is added to the array. At this time the disk can be formatted. The formatting is not done until after the clearing because the data that is written to the new disk will change the information on the parity disk.


-Start the array

-Wait for disk(s) to clear

-Press the format button to format the new disks (do not press if additional disks are showing as unformatted)


If your disks are new it is a very good idea to use the preclear_disk.sh script instead of letting unRAID perform the clearing. Preclearing exercises the disk to identify problems.



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