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  1. Yes the warranty is voided, but I choose to self insure. I am using 10 out of a total of 41 drives that started life inside a external enclosure. When it is time to buy, if I can get an external for $20 cheaper I'll go that route. I bought two of the $180 Seagate Expansion drives and have them running in my main array right now. I ran three three full Smart cycles on each before popping them out of their enclosures.
  2. I took a closer look at my Raw Read Error Rate data and discovered it doesn't work that way I thought. Maybe there is some kind of moving average going on, who knows. I will instead focus on the the "Value" field as it relates to the "Worst" and "Threshold".
  3. I'm using all internals. I'm not opposed shucking to externals, but I only do so when I can save 15-20%. I knew my statement about Raw Read Error Rate would prove provocative, which is why I said this:
  4. Hey FrozenGamer, I have eight of these drives and I've been watching their health very closely. The only thing that struck me was your Raw Read Error Rate is a little high. As long as the raw errors are correctable then everything is good, but I calculated the Normalized error Rate for my own interest. Normalized Read Error (this is my own metric) = 1000*(Raw Read Error Rate)/(Total LBAs Read) These values range from .15 (best) to 2.45 (worst) for me. Yours was 1.17. I doubt it will predict anything, but I'm keeping an eye on this metric over time.
  5. Checkout this post by Jonnie.Black: http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=43026.msg410578#msg410578 Note that the X7SBE uses v1 PCIe and only the x8 slot is "fast". The x4 slot shares bandwidth with the native SATA ports over a DMI 1.0 link (see page 8 of the Supermicro X7SBE manual for the Intel 3210 chipset block diagram). Your best bet to increase parity check speed is to add a Supermicro SAT2 to the PCIX buss. Available for $8.65 via ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Supermicro-AOC-SAT2-MV8-8-Port-SATA-Low-Profile-Controller-Card-/252182918505?hash=item3ab745f569:g:rXMAAOSwys5WU4ZA
  6. You can suppress that (false) warning. http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=14194.msg134248#msg134248 MyMain was/is a really impressive piece of work. I wish the Lime gui would steal a few ideas.
  7. 6TB HGST Deskstar NAS 7200RPM 3.5" Hard Drive $205 w/ Visa Checkout + Free S&H Newegg http://slickdeals.net/f/8295717-hgst-deskstar-nas-h3iknas600012872sn-0s03839-6tb-7200-rpm-128mb-cache-sata-6-0gb-s-3-5-hard-drive-230-at-newegg-or-205-after-vco-or-180-with-amex-offer
  8. I recommend at a minimum three wires going to the backplanes (eight drives on each). You can probably get extra cables from EVGA. If not, time to break out the soldering iron. I modifed the cabling on both of my power supplies to minimize the number of drives on each wire bundle from the power supply.
  9. Thanks macester for putting this together. After a little futzing around I got it to work. I am using an older Best Fortress that uses the serial port to communicate. In configuring the NUT settings I assigned the port to "/dev/tty0" (as is indicated in the help). This locked up the plugin and made the webGui unresponsive. After some poking around I discovered this should be "/dev/ttyS0". All is working great now. Hope this info helps someone.
  10. Better save for two of those HGSTs dual parity is coming soon.
  11. Nice price. I'm partial to HGST drives. But due to price I also have three of the ST4000DM000. You have to decide if you want to prioritize price, speed or reliability. If you trust Backblaze https://www.backblaze.com/blog/hard-drive-reliability-q3-2015/ (and I do) HGST wins on reliability. My ST4000DM000s are faster than my HGST 5K4000s though. A good source for pricing: http://pcpartpicker.com/parts/internal-hard-drive/#S=4000000&sort=a7&page=1
  12. http://lime-technology.com/wiki/index.php/FAQ#What_does_the_Red_Ball_mean.3F Usually this is caused by a bumped or bad SATA cable. Reseat the cable and run a smart report for affected drive. http://lime-technology.com/wiki/index.php/FAQ#How_can_I_find_out_more_information_about_a_hard_drive.3F If the drive appear healthy then rebuild the drive by following the directions to "rebuild the drive in-place" from the first link.
  13. What is your budget? Do you have any old parts kicking around besides the case? The things you mentioned do not require much processor power so any hardware from the last five years or so will work. How much storage capacity do you want to have in the future? Do you care about noise? Do you care about efficiency? (use old hardware that uses a little more power, but costs less). I'm a big fan of old server class hardware (motherboard, memory, processor, controller cards) that you can pick up on ebay for cheap, but that is not a path everybody wants to take.
  14. Check out this for some D8000 fanatics. Lots of great systems. http://www.overclock.net/t/1326857/official-lian-li-pc-d8000-owners-club