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[Solved] Accessing unraid files

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Hi all,


I have just setup my unraid server over the weekend. All seemed to be going well - precleared all drives, transferred over 5tb of data to it and have setup parity fine.


Thee problem I have is when I have now tried to add all my media to xbmc. XBMC can find the SMB share that I have setup - Tower/Media - but when it is scanning the content it goes incredibly slowly and then freezes.


I have noticed that there also seems to be an issue accessing the tower files via windows explorer. I can go to network and see Tower. I can then click through to my share media (or any of the disks). Then its ok going to either of the next folders (Movies or TV Shows). But when I try and get into a individual Movie or TV show folder it goes really slowly again. Sometimes it opens the folder ok but then sometimes I get an error message.


Any ideas? Happy to post more specific information if you let me know what you need to know

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I just got the error in Windows Explorer when trying to access a individual movie file - find attached.


Also for more information my folders are set up as follows




>>Individual Movie folder

>>>Movie files and metadata



>TV Shows

>>Individual TV Show

>>>Season xx

>>>>TV show files and metadata


User shares:


Share name: Media

Allocation method: High Water

Min free space: 40000000

Split level: 2

Export (SMB): Export read/write


Also please note that the server/laptop and htpc are all wired into the router


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