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  1. thanks have disabled, anything I need to clear now that is disabled?
  2. Hi, I have recently started to get the following error show in 'Fix Common Problems' '/var/log is getting full (currently 81 % used)' Either your server has an extremely long uptime, or your syslog could be potentially being spammed with error messages. A reboot of your server will at least temporarily solve this problem, but ideally you should seek assistance in the forums and post your diagnostics I've attached the diagnostics file, if someone is able to help?
  3. Ok managed to solve it. For some reason it didnt like my SSD being plugged into the sata add on card. Moved it to sata port on the motherboard and now booting ok. Thanks for the speedy help SiNtEnEl
  4. Ok so memtest completed all fine. I tried a quick boot before I start unplugging the drives and it seemed to get a little further before hanging. I now see the following message: Tower login: md: unRAID driver 2.9.3 installed mdcmd (1): import 0 md: import_slot: 0 missing Not sure if that gives any more clues before I start unplugging the drives individually?
  5. Just a thought, I noticed that while running the memtest that my server 'tower' isn't showing in my attached devices list for my router. At what point would it connect? Only once the OS is fully loaded?
  6. Ok running memtest now. When you say disconnected new drives. I assume you mean just the new data drive and SSD drive rather than all of them? Or should I try it with no drives connected to see if I can at least get the OS to boot?
  7. Happy to run a memtest though, how long does it take to run?
  8. Should have added when I swapped the memory out I started Unraid fine to confirm all was ok and it was. I then shut down to change and add the drive
  9. Hi, I have been using Unraid for a few years now and everything has been fine. Today I did some upgrades to my server: Upgrade RAM Swapped a data drive for a larger one Added a SSD which I intend to use as cache drive Did all the hardware and then booted. Everything seemed as usual and it got to the blue Unraid OS screen. It then seems to load as normal but seems to be stuck. The last message is: tower login: md: unraid driver 2.9.3 installed It seems to be hanging from there. Have left for a while and no movement. Any ideas
  10. Thanks both, I don't have a PC with SATA cable to do the WD diagnostics unfortunately. I have just downloaded a SMART report from the Unraid 'Main' section which is attached. I'm popping out now, but later on will shut down and restart and get full diagnostics then to post.
  11. Hi, A couple of weeks ago I had a drive suddenly show red ball against. I bought a new drive to replace, but when I run the new drive through pre-clear I am getting the following error: unRAID's signature on the MBR failed The drive then dissapears as an option to pre-clear, although still shows on the main screen under unassigned disks. I thought it might have been the SATA cable so replaced this but I'm still getting the same issue. Logs are attached. Any advice on things i can try, I don't think its anything to do with the disk itself. tower-diagnostics-201701
  12. I've attached the latest diagnostics following the drop off, if anyone could take a look and see if they could spot anything else other than it losing connection
  13. Ok, so had a look and couldnt see anything obviously loose. Restarted and found the disk fine and started pre-clear, after a couple of hours though it has aborted and the disk is no longer showing in the unassigned disks list. I'm going to order a new Sata cable and see if that resolves
  14. Thanks Trurl, I thought that earlier and checked and couldnt see anything obvious loose. I will open up and double check again. Anything else it could be or anything else I could try?
  15. Hi, A couple of days ago a disk in my server showed a red cross. I bought a new disk which I have added. When I go to pre-clear the disk though it started running for an hour or so and then showed the error 'UnRAID's signature on the MBR failed - Aborted'. The new disk is still showing in the unassigned devices list, but when I go to the preclear tool it says no unassigned disks available? Any help appreciated. I attached the diagnostics that I took yesterday (I had to do a reboot to run the pre-clear).