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Anyone used the Microsoft RVF-00001 Arc Touch Mouse?


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Anyone used the Microsoft RVF-00001 Arc Touch Mouse?  It is currently on sale for $30 plus shipping at TigerDirect, though I'm in no hurry so I would probably wait for an even better sale.  I'm considering one for my laptop bag.  I currently have this cheap-as-chips Pixxo mouse.  My only complaint is that the power button doesn't work, so to save power I actually have to remove the battery when it isn't in use.  I like the concept of the Arc Touch Mouse (and my girlfriend swears by the Apple Mighty Mouse, which has a similar touch interface, but is very expensive).  Still, the reviews I'm reading thus far are pretty mixed.  I get the impression that I should wait for version 2 of the Arc Touch Mouse.  Anyone have any personal experience with one?

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