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Antec 900 B stock - $45.50 + shipping


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Antec 900 B-stock


$45.50 shipped + shipping


All B Stock items are subject to availability. B-stock is fully functional but may have minor blemishes, though often looks new. Piano black finish may exhibit some scuffing when viewed from certain angles. May not ship in retail box. If the original did not come with a power supply, neither does the B stock. All B Stock comes with a limited 90 day warranty only. Antec accepts no responsibility for and does not warrant the condition of the finish.

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How do you get it shipped for that price?


When I attempted to order, they wanted to charge $28 for shipping.


I thought I remembered reading that all B stock items included shipping in the price.  Maybe I read that wrong.  If so, I apologize.


No need for apologies...I thought I was missing something. It's still not a bad deal!

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