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Web GUI hangs when array was stopped


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Hello, I had just precleared a drive and was ready to add it to the array.  So  I pressed stop and that's when the Web GUI became unreachable. I was still able to telnet to the console with no issues and all commands that I tried responded.


Form the Wiki I used the console commands to stop the array (samba had already stopped and the drives were unmounted) and when I used  /root/mdcmd stop  I got  "line 11: /proc/mdcmd: No such file or directory".  Don't know if this is significant or not.


Attached is the syslog.  Its in two parts due to size.  I think the problems happened on 9/29 at 9:31am (was away for a few days since).  That is in the part 2 file.   Any help would be appreciated.




Unraid 5.0 r11


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i have noticed that if you are running some addons (plex media server, sick beard, couch potato, sabnzbd, etc) that the gui doesn't respond properly UNLESS the applications were shut down.


i need to shut down each of my addon apps before i can stop and shut down the array.


hope this helps



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