Best self hosted game server for mostly solo play, puzzle/adventure with friends that join sporadically?...


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Hope the lounge is appropriate place for this post, if not just let me know and apologies...


I've just setup unraid and am exploring all it can do. Interested in learning about and trying a self hosted game server and see a few options in CA apps. Wondering if docker approach is best for my setup given it's a mini pc vs. a VM?


My setup: I have an AMD Ryzen 7 5800H mini pc (8core, 16 thread, 3.2 to 4.4Ghz) with integrated Radeon Vega 8 graphics (2Gb memory I think, 8 graphics cores?); 64Gb ram ddr4; zfs array, 1 parity drive, cache pool: 1 - 2Tb nvme cache & with 1 - 2Tb Samsung ssd


I want to try to self host a gaming server for solo play and maybe infrequent friends joining sometimes, then maybe they don't for a while but game still keeps moving forward smoothly playing solo. Ideally, they can rejoin game later when they want and still be part of my group and hop into where I'm at. I like puzzle games mostly, explore then solve and also casual tower defense and maybe some building/exploring/surviving but not just an intense shoot em up, weapons fest. Not sure what games like this come to anyones mind. I'm not a big gamer so don't have much recent background. I really liked Myst series back in the day. Not into virtual RPG board games. Great options would be easy install/setup, some control to make things easier at beginning like enemies, attacks, resources so solo isn't a slaughter or grind while I figure it out.


Looking for your success stories on unraid and good matches based on above. Thanks in advance! I really appreciate the community here

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Docker is the way to go.  If you find a game then you'll need to get the DuckDNS docker.  There are YouTube videos that talk about "Reverse Lookups".  Basically you register an internet host name like and the DuckDNS app will synchronize your host name with your IP address.  The next step is to do "port forward" on your home router to point to your unRAID server and the port that your game is using.  If the game is using port 1234 then your friends would type in and then they could play your game.


Let me know what games you find.  I like tower defence and puzzle games too but I haven't really found any good ones.  Maybe I haven't looked hard enough.

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Just checking in on games/game play side of the gaming server question here...Some cool ones I've started to zero in on include: Atlas (pirate, first person survival, building, exploring with multiplayer capability), Mindustry, Satisfactory, but still looking. Myst like first person with puzzles vs. combat centric is preferred. Bringing in the multiplayer coop side, maybe quests and battles from time to time would be ok, but could play solo maybe with NPC AI squad? The intent is for a private server, no interest in advanced dbags constantly killing and stealing or destroying things. Thanks all

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