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NFS share access denied

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I have manged to set-up NFS shares on my Unraid 4.7 server. I used *(rw) on my NFS share. I can mount this share in Windows 7 and I then even see the directories in that share. But when i try to enter a directory I get a "access denied" message. Is there something wrong with the Unraid settings? Or is the client (Windows 7) side at fault? Please help. I am planning to use NFS to stream to my mediaplayers.


Properties of the share are:


UID=-2, GID=-2

rsize=32768, wsize=32768

mount=soft, timeout=1.6

retry=1, locking=yes

fileaccess=755, lang=ANS




As listed in Windows.

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Which version of Windows7 are you using? Pro/Ultimate/Enterprise? HaneWin NFS or the built-in nfs client?


This may help with client side configuration:



Thanks for the fast reply.


I use Windows 7 Ultimate's built-in NFS client.


Should I use a UID and GID of 1000 when i want to change the registry in Windows 7. Is 1000 (decimal) the right value for a Unraid NFS share?

Or should I also add (rw,sync,no_subtree_check) to the share on the server?


Again, thanks so far.


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