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How to read a syslog??


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Bear with me on this one...


I don't know how relevant my 'story' is, just in case...


I have attached a picture of my server, I have 1 parity, disk1, disk2 and 1 cache drive. The screenshoot is from this morning and shows no errors.


I've been running unraid without issues since june. Then in september I started having issues while watching some files (i use a dedicated XBMC box). At firts I though it was because the connection to the server was wireless (I know isn't good, but that's the best I can do right now), but after some investigation (and some help from you guys) I pointed out the root cause as a failing drive. BTW, the drive was 1 month old and was precleared 5 times (sh*** happens  :-[). The failing drive was disk2.


I went to buy a new drive but then I had a power failure. When I fire up again the server my disk 1 was missing. I panicked, I though I had lost about 1.5TB of data! I started 'playing' with the console and midnight commander and found out that disk1 was actually ok, and all data was there, but the array didn't detect it. With midnight commander I copied all the information i could from the failing disk2 to a new drive and the damaged wasn't so bad: i lost 'only' about 200GB.


The good news is that I've gone from a complete linux newbie to user 0.5 ;D


Ok, so everything was fine, I started again the system and then parity drive was missing. I shut down, remove all cables, bought new ones, put them real nice within the box... and still the same result.... I have a backplane, so I removed the drive, clean dust and put the parity drive again, switched on the server, and then parity drive was ok, but disk1 was missing....... Shutdown, remove drive, clean backplane, check cables, put them back in place, but the same result. BTW, this was strange, unraid showed me disk1 as disabled (DSBL) but I could access its contents through midnight commander, any explanation for this?


Finally, since I have 4 drives and my backplane takes 5 , I moved the disk1 to a different slot, and then voila, everything went fine... finally.


I used the trust parity procedure and rebuilt the array. Speed was very high during rebuild (between 100-120MB) and I took this as a good sign.


As you can imagine I have become a little paranoid and I'm monitoring the array closely. I have seen the syslog, and it has many errors, although I don't know how many of those are actual errors.


Bottom line, I would like to learn to read a syslog. How can I do that? I'm a power user in windows and slowly moving into linux, but have very limited experienced so far. Any recommendations?


BTW, if you could please check my syslog (attached) I would appreciate it  :)


PS: my syslog is too large to attach, I have posted it in pastebin



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