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XBOX Extender Permissions

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I have been using unRaid for the last several years to house all my Media(Pictures,Movies,Music).  I run WMC7 and point the Media Center Libraries at my unraid shares for Music, Movies, and Photos. I recently purchased an XBOX 360 to use primarily as an Extender.  When I got into the details of setting up the extender, i realized that the Extender actually creates another account on my WMC7 machine named HTPC.  I see an account called MCX1-HTPC that is a context account for the extender session.  I need to setup all the same shares in extender mode just like I have them setup as if I was running directly on the WMC7 machine.  The problem I have is that the MCX1-HTPC account has an unknown password, so how am I supposed to setup this user and grant share permissions within unRaid?  I tried setting the password on the MCX1 account but things got worse so I was forced to restore from a backup. Any Suggestions?  I can't be the only person who as ever experienced this issue.




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Unfortunately that is the last option. I feel like I'm being punished for not drinking the M$ Kool-Aid, now I have to compromise on Share Permissions just so I can get the extender to work properly.  It does work, I just don't like my shares exposed like that.



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