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[6.12.6] User Shares gone after cleanup

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Since I'm new to Unraid, I made a few mistakes in configuring docker and vm. I put files on the array instead on SSDs, etc.
So I tried to clean up. Disabled Docker & VM. Tried to clean up the User Shares.

There was one share that didn't want to be deleted. So I rebooted the server, thinking there may be a process still linked to it (even though the share was empty).
After the reboot, there are no User Shares anymore.

Using the console and going to /mnt/user, the folders are still there.
Trying to create a new User Share, doesn't show the newly created share, but it does create a new folder in /mnt/user
I also can't access them through SMB, so it doesn't seem to be just a display issue.

I've stopped and started the array multiple time, I've rebooted multiple times. No luck.


Any help is appreciated to either fix the issue or reset to a fresh install, it's not a critical machine so either will work.


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I just ran the checks from the UI as explained in your suggested page.
No errors came up. I ran scrubs on the zfs pools, no errors there either.

On the User Shares there was a clean up button available, so I clicked that one too. It stated that 7 share configurations were cleaned up.
I tried to create a new share. I received a "Share 'temp2' has been deleted." message on the create.
The share isn't shown, but the folder was created.


Any suggestions on the next step?

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