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SSD best practices

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Hello friends,

In the last few days my SSD btrfs cache pool suffered corruption and that started to cause issues with my server. 

@JorgeB suggested that I re-format the cache pool and then copy back the data from backup.

I have a few questions before I proceed with the re-formatting.

1. which format type is better for SSD's: btrfs or zfs?


Until now I ran my system with a btrfs cache pool consisting of two SSDs, without parity and without the use of an array drive for the mover function. Instead of using array and parity drives I backed up my data to an unassigned drive using luckybackup.

2. which practice is better, using a cache pool without the use of an array drive alongside an unassigned drive, or using 1 SSD for the cache drive, 1 SSD for an array drive, and a third unassigned drive for backups?

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