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I have a question about rclone mount on unraid (FUSE installation issue?).

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Thank you to everyone who is answering.

I want to use rclone on unraid. I installed rclone through the app and created the config file successfully, but I got an error when I tried to mount rclone.

Fatal error: failed to mount FUSE fs: cannot open: /mnt/user/GD: open /mnt/user/GD: no such file or directory

I searched online and it seems that the problem is caused by the lack of FUSE installation. Is there any way to install FUSE on unraid?

I am a novice in both unraid and Linux, so I need a lot of assistance.

Once again, I appreciate anyone who can answer the above questions and I wish you all a wonderful day.

p.s. I am using the app ‘Nacho-Rclone-Native-GUI’. However, the same error occurs in both the console and the GUI.
p.p.s. unriad version : 6.12.6

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