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Unraid New Config with new hardware

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My Unraid server is running fantastic, with a single parity, 8 array drives and 2 multi-drive caches each. I'm receiving a KTN-STL3 15-bay JBOD today. The plan is to physically move the array & parity drives from the server chassis and run them in the JBOD, plus open up empty drive bays in the JBOD as well.


I'll be physically changing the order of the drives, as well, with the older/slower drives at one end & newer towards the end, with the parity using the last 2 bays (1 will be left open until I order a 2nd parity drive, of course. 


Now, in the "New Config", I would leave the "Parity is valid" checked, while leaving "drive assignments" unchecked? This would let me change the physical order so that the drive number in Unraid matches the bay I physically insert it into, correct? Yeah, OCD is a thing LOL.


BTW, I'm terrified to actually move the array drives into the JBOD. While 38Tb isn't a lot to some, it's years of collecting to me. My HBA card has 2 SFF ports, both in use for the current build. Is there a safe way to test the JBOD ahead of time? Maybe stop the array, plug in an old 2Tb drive (unassigned), dump some test data to it, connect the JBOD and see if the JBOD can access the 2Tb drive when it's inserted? 

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