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What's the fastest way to replace a drive

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I'm slowly replacing my 4 & 6TB drives with 22TB drives. I did the parity and one data drive & they each took about 2 days for the rebuild.


If I used something like Unbalance to move everything off a driven then remove the old drive from the array first (taking the array down to 10 drives). Then add the new 22TB drive as a new drive (back to 11 in array) will it be any faster? Or will it still do a rebuild adding a new drive like that?


Just wondering if there's a way to avoid the 2 day rebuilds every time I replace a drive. 

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Parity is not a substitute for backup. You must always have another copy of anything important and irreplaceable.


New Config will not affect any of your data disk, only parity is rebuilt, and parity contains none of your data.

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