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Does "Included Disks" impact SHFS performance?

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For shares we can specify a subset of disks that can be used by the share.


Under the assumption that the drives are always spinning, is there a performance benefit to using the "Included Disks" feature?


According to some older discussion, if the file does not reside on the in-memory disk cache or disk tree, it would need to search the directory hierarchy to find the file:

To me I am interpreting this as a linear search through the drives to find the file.


Does the "Included Disks" feature impact this search at all? i.e. If I had specified that a share can only use drive 5 and I ran stat on a file on /mnt/user, it would skip scanning the first 4 disks for existence file (again assuming the file is not cached in memory or in the disk tree). 


Or, is it simply a constraint given to the Mover?


Obviously, simply giving an application the path /mnt/disk5 or whatever would be more performant than giving /mnt/user, but I would like writes to be SSD-cached.





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