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Limit pr. docker bandwidth

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Not sure what your background might be (whether veteran IT, hobbyist, etc), but this would almost certainly require some docker architectural knowledge to set up properly for your specific environment imo - depending on your setup, it may need to run in privileged mode (as root), for example, in order to allow it to control all other containers' network flows, have awareness of any docker networks you've created, etc. Then as long as you're familiar linux, it's all just mapping what you'd normally use for traffic shaping on a linux host over to the equivalent docker components (e.g. NIC => docker network, container ID => host).


If looking for an easier way to handle it, you could chose to enable host access to custom networks and assign them their own addresses, then manage traffic shaping via either your switch or router's UI. That's probably the most straightforward method for most, and what I'd probably recommend 👍

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