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New user looking for storage advice

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Hi All,


 I’m completely new to Unraid..  I built my server over the Xmas period, but have had a lot of trouble getting the drives.  Basically after waiting nearly a month, I am now trying to get my money back from Amazon, so I can buy from elsewhere.  Anyway, my build is an i5 9600k, 2 x 1tb M2 nvme, 1 x 240GB SSD, and an 8i HBA.  My plan was to have 8 x 20TB HDDs.  My idea is to use this 160TB to backup my Synology NAS (24TB) along with my iMac, plus storage of important documents and photos, and then the rest is left for my media library.  I will most likely be running quite a few containers and hopefully 1 or 2 basic VMs.


My thoughts were to use:


4 x 20TB drives for media (main array)

4 x 20TB ZFS z1 pool for backups and data

2 x 1TB nvme for cache

1 x 240GB SSD as a download disk


How does this sound?  


Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks.



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