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Transcoding in Dockers isn't utilizing full GPU?

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I have been troubleshooting this issue myself for a while and I don't have any other ideas. I am attempting to transcode media files within Docker, but no matter what app/container I use (so far I've tried Handbrake, Tdarr, and Unmanic), the GPU barely gets used (total usage is always around 5%), and the encoder/decoder only ever gets about 30% usage during a transcode, even if it's only transcoding one file at a time.


I noticed that GPU Top is saying that my GPU never gets higher than Power State P2, which is apparently a purposeful setting in the NVIDIA Linux driver that we can't disable? Not sure if that's my problem, but if it is, is there any way around that?


My system specs are:

Intel Core i5-10400

ASRock B560 Pro4 Motherboard


Zotac GTX 1660 Super


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

(P.S. If this is the incorrect forum please let me know where to post this, wasn't quite sure where to put it)

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