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Unable to keep drives spun down

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I unfortunately had to move to a high electricity cost area and am trying to find some ways of saving power. Currently my server has 12 3.5" hard drives in it but I was recently hit with a ransomware attack and decided to reset everything on my server so I'm down to only using 2 drives currently (parity and disk1, disk1 is about half full)


I was originally having an issue not being able to get my drives to spin down at all but after installing the SAS spindown plugin and rebooting I was able to manually spin them down. I decided to spin down disks3-11 since they won't be in use for quite a while. I noticed that after a while some eventually spun back up when they shouldn't be in use.


For context I have an HPE DL380 Gen9 that has a P440ar Controller with 4 SATA drives and 8 Hitachi HUS723030ALS640 SAS drives, all show as SAS in OS so I use SAS spindown plugin.


If spindown won't keep the drives off for some reason the alternative option I was thinking was to remove each drive except for the current needed storage and a buffer drive for if i run over while not home. If changing the config is a simple thing to do since none of the other drives have data then I would be up for it but if it's possible I'd rather figure out the spindowns.


Attached are diagnostics, thank you!

diagnostics (2).zip

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