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Random Lockups every week or two

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I'm running Version: 6.12.6 currently, but this has been happening for a while after a hardware swap, about 6 months or so. I went from an AMD 1700X over to an Intel i3 13th gen. I've run memtest for days and it is clean, I have scrutiny running as well and have attached some output from that along with the server logs. I enabled syslog to the usb a while back when all of this started, so hopefully the export gathers that info.


Dockers: matrix (off), ntp, Foundry (currently off), Scrutiny, OpenChat-Cuda (off), moodist (off), QDirStat (off), Kativa (off), KMS server, PiHole-DoT-DoH, binhex-sabnzbd, binhex-plexpass, HomeBridge-with-webGUI, cups, binhex-radarr, binhex-sonarr, mylar3, kapowarr, readarr, binhex-deluge, tdarr (off), tdarr_node (off), mariadb, influxdb, bazarr, hddtemp.


Plugins: Fix Common Problems, Nvidia Driver, CA Auto Update Applications, Community Applications, Dynamix Active Streams, Dynamix Cache Directories, Dynamix Date Time, Dynamix System Information, Dynamix System Statistics, Dynamix System Temperature, GPU Statistics, Intel GPU TOP, NVTOP, Open Files, Parity Check Tuning, plexstreams, Unassigned Devices, Unassigned Devices Plus, unBALANCE


I had a Nvidia Tesla P4 in there that I pulled out just in case that was the issue, but after 16 days I ended up with another lock up. I've looked at the logs and nothing jumps out at me as the problem. I appreciate any help or suggestions of things to try to solve these random lockups that have been going on for 6 months or more.



tower-diagnostics-20240119-0753.zip unraid_smart_logs.txt

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OK, I made the suggested changes. I don't believe I've ever messed with that setting in all of the years I've been running unRaid. It can take a week or two before a lockup happens, so unless there are other suggestions this may sit idle for a few weeks before I can report back.

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