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Moving unraid setup to hp micro sever?


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Hi all


I'm thinking about moving my current unraid setup to a hp micro server


I currently have 3x data, 1x parity,one cache and USB for unraid os.


I'm using an old tower with over the top CPU and is power hungry.


If I move the drives to an hp micro server would I encounter don't issues? Would it be a straight swap plug and play?


Data hard drives have data that I don't want to lose.



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The real question is what version of unraid are you running?


if you have any of the latest beta's, it "should" be as simple swapping all of the drives and booting it up. you might have to start the array manually.


if you have 4.7, you will have to reassign all of the drives to the array. you should get a screenshot of your old config so you can assign them in the same locations again. Make sure you put the parity drive in the correct spot. ignore the /devx and just pay attention to the disk# and parity


If any of the drives say they need formatting, stop and seek help.


I would run parity before you gut the old system just to be safe.



Dont forget, In order to run the 5th slot at full SATA speeds in the microserver, you will need to modify the BIOS

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