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  1. I use no transcoding / streaming, just plain playback from unRAID files with Nvidia Shield + Kodi. Files are scraped with Ember Media Manager. But a real deduplication does not care about the software on top 🙂
  2. As i am storing a huge movie collection, the scraper download pictures of actors as example based on the titles. So some of the pictures i have nearly 100 times on my unraid as that actor played in 100 movies. A real dedup with symbolic links would be very nice
  3. RTL8156B is not working any more with RC4 (it did with RC2)
  4. I upgraded from RC2 to RC4 and network went corrupt. Downgrade to RC2 the problem stayed. So i created new usb sticks with demo version and startet with 6.9.2 -> RC2 -> RC4. Confirmed, with RC4 the USB 2.5gbit NIC is no more recognized. RTL8156B Realtek Semiconductor Corp. USB 10/100/1G/2.5G LAN
  5. Ja, es wird rsync genutzt und du hast recht dennoch muss beim jobstart vpn stehen und das laufwerk fehlerfrei gemounted sein. habs nun mit user script gemacht
  6. ja, soweit war ich nun auch vor 15 Minuten hatte wp-quick up und down gefunden etc aber ...der job ist invalide wenn die Laufwerke nicht von anfang an da sind. Schau mir nun also backup scripte an die einfach auf cron basieren, den "fehlerfreien" rsync Befehl hat mir lucky backup ja erstellt *edit* es hilft da es mir zumindest beim loslaufen fehlerfrei VPN aufbaut und das Laufwerk mounted, weil permanent mounten kann ich es ja nicht. Nun muss "nur" noch schauen das der Job in weniger als 24 Stunden fertig ist
  7. Habs nun auch mal ins internationale Forum gepostet:
  8. Hi everyone, I backup a fair amount to a second server once a week, but it is behind "classic" DSL with forced disconnection every night at almost identical times. Now the backups partly don't work when they run into the forced disconnection. The connection breaks down, VPN breaks down and a remote mount hangs, half-finished files hang around. Now I have seen that luckybackup supports scripts before and after the job. How can I script the VPN connection and then mount the share, and unmount the share cleanly after the job and disable VPN ? Thanks a lot Patrick
  9. 2 days later. It seems the issue was the following. Somewhen during the luckybackup work the GUI was minimized. Then with the VNC settings was tested with scaling, the scroll bar disappeared. The old laptop where i have remote access to access the unraid server has 1200x800 resolution. Now with the wrong scaling applied it was even after updating no task bar visible to bring the application to forground. Most likely everyhing was running flawless, just "off" screen and minimized.
  10. Hi zusammen, ich backupe 1x die Woche ne ordentliche Menge auf einen zweiten Server, der steht jedoch hinter "klassischem" DSL mit Zwangstrennung jede Nacht zu fast identischer Uhrzeit. Nun gehen derzeit die backups teilweise nicht wenn sie in die Zangstrennung laufen. Die Verbindung bricht ab, VPN bricht zusammen und ein remote mount bleibt hängen, halbfertige Dateien hängen rum. Nun habe ich gesehen luckybackup unterstützt scripts vor und nach dem job. Wie kann ich per Script die VPN Verbindung aufbauen und danach den Share mounten, sowie nach dem Job den share unmounten sauber und VPN deaktivieren ? Vielen Dank schonmal Gruß Patrick
  11. Appdata is Prefer : Cache i stopped all container - stopped docker service ... but stop was not succesful and restart of docker service not working as well looks like new installation is needed where is the cronjob saved ?
  12. before starting the docker container (dont wonder, fresh installed last week)
  13. yes, i updated. i tried with incognito mode in chrome -> no change. deleted cache, pictures etc -> no change
  14. Session terminated, killing shell... ...killed. ---Checking if UID: 99 matches user--- usermod: no changes ---Checking if GID: 100 matches user--- usermod: no changes ---Setting umask to 0000--- ---Checking for optional scripts--- ---No optional script found, continuing--- ---Checking configuration for noVNC--- Nothing to do, noVNC resizing set to default Nothing to do, noVNC qaulity set to default Nothing to do, noVNC compression set to default ---Starting cron--- ---Starting...--- ---Preparing Server--- ---ssh_host_rsa_key keys found!--- ---ssh_host_ecdsa_key found!--- ---ssh_host_ed25519_key found!--- ---Starting ssh daemon--- ---Resolution check--- ---Checking for old logfiles--- ---Starting TurboVNC server--- ---Starting Fluxbox--- ---Starting noVNC server--- WebSocket server settings: - Listen on :8080 - Web server. Web root: /usr/share/novnc - No SSL/TLS support (no cert file) - Backgrounding (daemon) ---Starting ssh daemon--- ---Starting luckyBackup---
  15. lucky backup container. most of the time container restart works, but yesterday it didn't .. even after full unraid reboot. it startet flawless, but the gui was just black/blank. somehow, without any changes, this morning the gui of lucky backup appeared. two different devices were used to access the web gui, so no client issue. Next time i will copy the log