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  1. Thanks, price was still good, together with a Intel RS3DC080 from ebay about 330 Euro is nice
  2. Many thanks for that nice docker, i am running this one as harvester only. What is the best way to integrate the chia satellite ?
  3. but with 460.37.01 i can adjust memory frequency ?
  4. Was someone succesful overriden memory clock for RTX cards ? i tried different settings in the config.json but every setting was "not supported in linux". the only thing i was a able to modify was powerlimit via console (outside of the docker) with "nvidia-smi -i 0 -pl 133"
  5. Die ist ja auch betagt (7 Jahre alt) und lahm X3 müsste ne 40er sein ... in wenigen Wochen sind NDR 400er erhältlich, Faktor 10.
  6. Is there a way to check inside the docker of the progress ? I started plotting 20 jobs in series, not parallel. Yes, i am aware this takes many days, but would like to add more when finished and i see no way to check at which plot the system currently works on.
  7. Die ganzen Mellanox Karten nehmen sich viel Strom. Ist auch ein Grund weshalb ich sie nicht einsetze (obwohl ich hier noch 40 Stück 100 Gbit CX6 Karten rumliegen habe). Es ist kein Problem pro Karte 20 Watt zu rechnen.
  8. ich hab die Tage ja auch sowas gebastelt. ich hab die vm mit seabios machen müssen und beim treiber installieren der gpu hat es ja auch geknallt immer, sogar die ganze unraid büchse ist dabei abgestürzt. habe dann eine neue VM gemacht, als primäre grafikkarte die VNC .. und meine Nvidia 3070 sekundär und treiberinstallation lief dann durch mit -silent parameter
  9. i created a windows 10 VM. was a bit difficult to get that running well with 6.9.2 - always crashed the whole unraid server during nvidia driver installation. setup.exe -s was succesful, a silent driver installation. then with afterburner settings applied i was able to mine with nearly 64 MH/s which is quite fast for a RTX3070 🙂
  10. I have an idea but i am not able to test tonight - is it possible that the overclocking settings are not applied as i have no more a display connected ?
  11. No, and unraid is fresh from last week, nothing installed yet, beside of fileshare. i just deleted nvidia driver and the docker and reinstalled ... tried different driver versions between. Nothing changed. how can i check the gpu frequency and memory frequency, check that the settings are applied ? sorry, just mining on windows the last weeks ...
  12. Thanks, the driver check works and it downloads the matching driver. I have just power and ethernet plugged in, but this was not different at the first location. ErrorWarningSystemArrayLogin ---Trying to get Nvidia driver version--- ---Successfully got driver version: 465.24.02--- ---Checking Xwrapper.config--- ---Configuring Xwrapper.config--- ---Driver version missmatch, currently installed: v460.39, driver on Host: v465.24.02--- ---Downloading and installing Nvidia Driver v465.24.02--- ---Trying to get Nvidia driver version--- ---Successfully got driver version: 465.24.02---
  13. Thanks for this docker, very nice. I had it run yesterday several hours with a single RTX3070 with ~59 MH. Then i shutdown the unraid server, moved it to another room and at startup i have now an error: unable to connect to X server: Cannot assign requested address it seems to have an impact to performance, as the same config has now only ~51MH. Any idea ?
  14. Frequenz drosseln bringt nur etwas wenn man der CPU gleichzeitig auch weniger Spannung gibt. Zumindest ist das bei GPUs so .. beim Crypto Mining. Kannst den Takt auf 30% packen, wenn man die Spannung nicht senkt hat es 0 Auswirkung.
  15. Antwort verzögert sich .. nach kompletten reboot hat er Parity check gestartet .. und der braucht 18 Stunden