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Moving share to different storage location - Device or resource busy

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So the shares "system", "appdata",... which are used by the VM's, docker and system are all by default on the array. I created a ZFS pool which is way bigger and redundant, and I want to use that to store those shares.

So I went into the UI and changed this to the correct storage location:


secondary is set to none


Next I issued this command to copy the share to the correct storage location: 


cp -avr /mnt/disk1/appdata /mnt/data/appdata

disk1 is my array (default location), data is my pool (desired location).


Then remove the data from the disk1 (array):


rm -rf /mnt/disk1/appdata


Unfortunately this gives:

root@Tower:~# rm -rf /mnt/disk1/appdata
rm: cannot remove '/mnt/disk1/appdata': Device or resource busy



I checked if any files are open/used by using:


lsof +D /mnt/disk1/appdata


But it shows none. 

At this point I'm stuck, can anybody throw a bone? Many many thanks! 

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