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Finding Mounted USB Drive in Krusader.

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When I built the server some time ago I had this set up and now I lost it.  I have the usb mounted under the main window in Unraid, but when I load up Krusader I cannot find the mounted drive.  I have searched and searched and cannot remember how to do this.  I do have the community applications plugin installed and current.  But I know I am missing something.  Sorry to ask such a base question.   Thanks for any help you can give.

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1 hour ago, ProblemWithField said:

Could it be that it's a mac formatted drive?

This should be OK if you have both the Unassigned Devices and Unassigned Devices Plus plugins installed.


Most likely issue is that you do not have the volume mapping for Krusader set up to allow access to UD disks.  Posting a screenshot of the Docker settings for Krusader might help us determine if this is the case.


You could also consider using the Dynamix File Manager plugin instead of Krusader for this - it can handle UD mounted drives as standard.

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The only mapping you have is to /mnt/user which is where User Shares are mounted.   Local drives mounted by UD appear under  /mnt/disks and remote shares under /mnt/remote.   If you want Krusader to be able to access either of these then you need to add volume mappings to support this.

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