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Constant spindown logs in Syslog

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Hey guys,


Ever since updating from beta9 to beta12a, my syslog has been constantly logging the following entry:


Oct 18 10:37:31 Tower kernel: mdcmd (294): spindown 0 (Routine)

Oct 18 10:37:31 Tower kernel: mdcmd (295): spindown 1 (Routine)

Oct 18 10:37:32 Tower kernel: mdcmd (296): spindown 2 (Routine)



I had a look at the log when I noticed streaming HD content was buffering now and again. Not sure if this is related.


I reverted back to beta9 hoping it was just a bug in beta12a but to no avail, it still happens. I've gone back to beta12a to post this.


Is this normal? And would it affect the streaming of HD content?


Appreciate this, thanks.


EDIT: I am using the HP MicroServer, running unRAID in ESXi, and with (now) 2GB RAM


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liquid, constantly as in every 10 seconds or so.


daniel, does this happen every 10 secs for you? I've took what you said and changed the spin down delay to 15 minutes, originally an hour, to test it. I've spun up all the drives. (13:35:42) The spindown messages stop. After 15 minutes (13:50:45), they start flooding again. (syslog attached showing this)


The reason why I don't think this is normal is I've never had the syslog flooded with these logs before you see, and I've also looked at other peeps logs and they don't show this excessive amount. I'm also trying to troubleshoot this buffering issue, and see this as a possible cause.


Although I could just be paranoid  ::)


Cheers guys.



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I've been running unRAID virtualized since I got the server and not had a single issue until updating to beta12a, but aye cheers for mentioning!


I had 2GB allocated to unRAID last night and still had the buffering issue, but I'll put back the gig and test tonight, although very doubtful it will resolve it.


Cheers guys  :)

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Tested it out last night with a HD TV show and no problems, but now I've just started watching an SD show and its buffering again, and happening a lot.


What I will do tomorrow is run unRAID straight on the server without any virtualisation and eliminate ESXi as a potential problem. If it's still happening I'll letcha know.




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