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  1. I have this exact same problem. No matter what testing and tweaking i do, I cannot get the cache dirs feature to work all the time. Sometimes its fine, sometimes I get a couple of extra disks spun up, sometimes I start a movie and watch all 15 drives spin up.... It's getting super annoying! PS: I never had this problem on Unraid 5.X and on the same hardware. I moved to 6.3.X and have had it ever since :-(
  2. Time for all to all donate to PhAzE so he can buy some more beer!
  3. Does anyone have a link to manually grab the slack package for transmission? I have tried a few, but none of them seem to work with the plugin's install button... HMMM!
  4. Interestingly enough, I had to update Sonarr with wget again using the latest version number. This worked, but automated updates only for this plugin seem to be failing (same with original install). This is a fresh 6.3 system, very strange. Side question: Are you planning on supporting Radarr for movies as a plugin? Added: Just tried to install transmission and I'm in the same boat. Maybe any new plugins that i try to add are having a problem. I wonder what could have changed after installing the first 14 or so plugins (about 4 of yours included) that is causing th
  5. Perfect! The direct download link worked instantly.. Strange that this one plugin won't auto download even though everything else works fine (15+ plugins) Thanks for checking back!
  6. UGH! Don't make me use Sickbeard! LOL! Anyway someone can supply the download link for the installer so I can drop it in and finish this plugin installation? 2017-02-15 23:29:11 [WARNING] Unable to get latest version from online - Checking USB for any install file 2017-02-15 23:29:11 [ERROR] Install failed: Install file missing
  7. DONE: Rm -rf /mnt/cache/.PhAzE-Common/ PLUGIN: 2017.02.15.1 /etc/rc.d/rc.Sonarr latestversion actually responds with a blank line? Hmm... Other plugins report back fine: root@Tower:/etc/rc.d# /etc/rc.d/rc.Sabnzbd latestversion 1.2.0 root@Tower:/etc/rc.d# /etc/rc.d/rc.Plexmediaserver latestversion PlexPass NOTE: This is a FRESH unRAID 6.3 install from just a few days ago. Only brought over a few config files from 5.0.X
  8. Looks like this is affecting others. My friends 6.X system will not update his Sonarr version.
  9. UPDATE: Ah, so I see it looks like the repository changed names or something again? Trying to look at how to manually make this available, no luck yet. Hey there! Any ideas here? Plex, Sab, Couch installs all went well for me on Unraid 6.3, but I'm having an issue for Sonarr right now where it says it installs fine, but it's not available: INSTALL PLUGIN: plugin: installing: plugin: downloading plugin: down
  10. It was something stupid. In Share Settings, I didn't wait for the list to load (takes 5+ seconds). While digging around on the flash drive, went to share config, noticed I had only 8 disks configured. HAHA! What a waste of many hours this morning PS: I still can't add / edit shares through the GUI. Looks like I can edit the files manually and restart samba and I'm good enough for now!
  11. Thanks for the idea. But the flash drive is OK and is not mounted read only. Hmm...
  12. So, I added a new 8 port SAS controller and 3 x 2TB Drives (along with a Velociraptor 300GB 10k I'm going to move my cache drive over to soon). This let me dump the awful J-Micron 2-port SAS that used to cause me to red ball - and now I can run up to 16 drives in the server instead of only 10. Strange thing is, I pre-cleared all 3 just fine, added to array, completed a parity check. Everything looks great. I started moving some files to the new drives (the existing array was 99% full) when suddenly I notice that I can't see any of them on my \\tower\media share. I then login as ro
  13. Uh, PlexServer and Plex for Android/IOS? (Well, this won't deal with special AudioBook formats.. hmm)
  14. I had to power down the machine. Everything came back up, it started parity checking, I stopped it for now until I figure this out.