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  1. Aw man, this saved me. I had a docker with a port binding issue, I guess it was filling logs constantly, but after repairing the bind problem, i didn't know what was eating up the docker image file... logs. *shakes fists into air*
  2. Guess they're totally dealing with a sev1 over there at the moment.
  3. Will this docker end up being the final one when it exits beta, or will the team make another docker for the final version?
  4. Just a quick update, unRaid 6.4 looks like it will be using nginx for the web front end over emhttp (which is a good switch IMO) but that means there is a good chance all of my plugins will not work on 6.4. I don't really have any plans on updating the plugins for 6.4 if this is the case, so I do suggest people plan on migrating to dockers sooner rather than later so you don't get stuck on 6.3 forever. Also, as of 6.4, my plugins will no longer show in the app store so new installs on 6.4 won't be possible by that method. It has been a great run for the past number of years. I just want to thank everyone for their support. It's been a great community to work with as I self taught myself so many new things during these projects and quite a fun (but time consuming) experience. I may dive into the docker side of things in the future but it seems most of the bases have already been pretty well covered there.
  5. I think the easy way would actually to just install the docker for the app, create a new host path that is the same both in the docker and on the host (matching the path to your PhAzE plugin config for that app) and start it up. That way any plugin can switch without having to edit the DB in any way. Also, set the network to 'host' and you can keep the same ports and everything without issue. You may need to map your downloads directory and media directory the same as the PhAzE plugin also on the Docker for it to start and work as is, but I am going to try to script it so it's dirt easy.
  6. Hey Everyone, sorry for the super long intermission. Certain aspects of my life have required a whole lot of attention with regards to one of my family members so I've been up to my eyeballs in events, meetings, and assessments for that. That being said, i also upgraded my phone (where i always received messages from this forum) and didn't even realize I was no longer receiving those messages. Fun times! I think for many people, especially when running Unraid 6.2 or newer, the best bet would be to start migrating over to dockers where possible. I will have a look over the next few weeks at updating some of the plugins so that they are working again, but still recommend migrating over when you get a chance. I suspect I am going to have a lot less time to work on these in the future and they are a little complicated to hand over to anyone else unless they really want to put in the effort to learn how they work.
  7. Ombi will check Plex directly to see if movies exist in your library vs PlexRequests which checks the movie manager (CP, Radarr, etc). Ombi is based on .net vs PlexRequests which is based on Meteor. Ombi has full user management and collects user info from plex.tv that are friends with your account, to make login easy for them (aka use their plex credentials to log in) It started off as just a fork but has grown a lot faster than PlexRequests.
  8. otherwise run this: wget -qO /boot/config/plugins/Sonarr/Sonarr-PhAzE- http://download.sonarr.tv/v2/master/mono/NzbDrone.master. this will download the file manually. then you can run the install from the web gui.
  9. Try this: Edit the sonarr.plg file in /boot/config/plugins folder. Look for the variable called appurl and its something like Update.sonarr.tv... Change it to download.sonarr.tv (replace update with download) then test the install again. Ill check for the direct download command if this doesnt work.
  10. I've updated the Sonarr plugin to correctly grab the 'installed version' again. Tested install, works fine, repeated install multiple times without issue. -=PhAzE=-
  11. It appears from your logs that your server cant reach sonarr download site. Also try running: /etc/rc.d/rc.Sonarr latestversion And see what the output is
  12. Im not able to replicate that. I just installed Sonarr from scratch on unraid 6.2 a minute ago and it works (with the ezception that it cant detect the installed version after) but starts and functions normally. Perhaps start by stopping phaze plugins, deleting the phaze common folder Rm -rf /mnt/cache/.PhAzE-Common/ Then start the plugin again. Also make sure your plugin version is 2016.11.30.1
  13. I had problems until I cleared my browser cache Yep that did it. Except its still a bit strange. I cant remove items, like some of the buttons dont work. Maybe its got some developmebt to go still on the app side.
  14. Recent docker update got it working on my phone but wont run on my tablet. The new 2.0 must not be coded for my tablet screen size or something. Still have failing css, not sure why it works via phone browser though.
  15. Hmmm, seems you're right but what's interesting is we actually followed the scheme here and specify the cache dir on startup. Unless I'm missing something. It would seem the cache dir does not follow the data-dir switch. Luckily manually setting it seems to work.